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Goodding Verbena — Image by kenne

It’s amazing what a little rain can do in the desert.

White-lined Sphinx Moth   1 comment

White-lined Sphinx Moth-3157 blogWhite-lined Sphinx Moth going to a Cranesbill Wildflower

White-lined Sphinx Moth-3162 blogWhite-lined Sphinx Moth and Goodding verbena Wildflowers — Images by kenne

Basic core Symbolism of the Sphinx Moth for the Soul Medicine:

1 Nourishment that is unique unto you (or your needs);
2 To apply Pressure or Will (‘to squeeze’ the changes forth);
3 To give warning before you get angry or to set boundaries;
4 Act with Precision (actions of flight or flight);
5 Flight increases in Dreaming or a Soul dream.

— Elder Mountain Dreaming



“Like A Rock, I Was Something To See”   Leave a comment

Bug Springs April 2013“Protected By The Rock” Goodding Verbena — Image by kenne

Stood there boldly 

Sweatin’ in the sun 

Felt like a million 

Felt like number one 

The height of summer 

I’d never felt that strong 

Like a rock

— by Bob Seger from the song, “Like A Rock”


Capturing The Moment — Goodding Verbena   8 comments

Desert Museum

Desert MuseumGoodding Verbena — Images by kenne

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