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A Place Where Each Question Contains The Answer   1 comment

Olives“Place In The Desert” Image by kenne

How will you know when
you are in the right place?
The secret is out!

. . . in a place where
each question
contains the answer.

You will know
that place
when you have
the right feeling —

The secret is out!
Or is it?

What to do
when the feeling
is missing?

. . . sadly,
your place

is not the right place.


Look Around, Art Is Where You Find It   3 comments

MMM 02-04-13Image by kenne

seeds jettisoned

dizzily dancing

riding the wind

capsules abandoned

doors remain open

attraction lost

to the ages

now it’s time

to turn the page

you know it ain’t easy

to see another view

but, these feelings

won’t go away

echoing off all tomorrows

echoing . . .

echoing . . .


Using Pixels Verses Paint To Create An Illusion Of Reality   6 comments

Images by kenne

The tool in my


may not be a


as I may not use

a pen to


The tools I use

are “digital”

changing the way I


through which my


create an illusion of


evolved from my


regarded less


of recognition in the

“analog world.”

— kenne

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