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Junkyard Memories   4 comments

Willow Springs Ranch-8226_junk blogJunkyard Memories– Image by kenne

 I been scared and battered.

My hopes the wind done scattered.

 Snow has friz me,
 Sun has baked me,

Looks like between 'em they done
 Tried to make me

Stop laughin', stop lovin', stop livin'--
 But I don't care!
 I'm still here!


— Langston Hughes

Graber Olive House Painting   3 comments

graber-olive-house-1-of-1-7_art-ii-blog-iiComputer Painting by kenne

Travel becomes an excuse for taking photographs to use in creating memories.

— kenne

Pondering The Duende   1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPondering the Duende — Image by kenne

I write not because of an ability,
but because of an inspiration, a magic, a fire inside
that garners an alliance with my demons and angels.

“Thus duende is a power and not a behavior,
it is a struggle and not a concept.

I have heard an old master guitarist say:
‘Duende is not in the throat;
duende surges up from the soles of the feet.’

Which means it is not a matter of ability,
but of real live form;

of blood;
of ancient culture;
of creative action.”

— Federico Garcia Lorca


conversations lost

from the past
in the images
of memories
only to return
on the backs
of death
by poets
serving only
to introduce
of what was
like water
from a fountain’s
to be reborn
and again
and again

— kenne

A Place Where Each Question Contains The Answer   1 comment

Olives“Place In The Desert” Image by kenne

How will you know when
you are in the right place?
The secret is out!

. . . in a place where
each question
contains the answer.

You will know
that place
when you have
the right feeling —

The secret is out!
Or is it?

What to do
when the feeling
is missing?

. . . sadly,
your place

is not the right place.


Life In The Seed Stage   1 comment

“Life In The Seed Stage” — Image by kenne

Flower, flower
what were you?
Were you as beautiful then,
as you as now?

There you were, all alone
at the edge of life’s trail.
No siblings at you side,
no suitors flying around your crown.

My eye caught your beauty,
a halo in the sunlight
in a bed of memories,
ready to ride the wind.


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