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Memories Are Washed Away   3 comments

We moved to Tanuri Ridge in June of 2010. In February Margarita Berg a resident of this neighborhood passed away. So we never met Margarita, but feel we got to know her through her husband, David.

David Berg 13456 - 2011-05-26 at 10-04-22-72

David and Margarita would frequently walk their dogs on the trails down by the Tanque Verde Wash. Shortly after we moved here, I discovered the trails and the area designated initially by the Tanuri Ridge developer as a community park.

Margareta's Memorial 25-12-19-72

Anyone who has walked these trails is aware of Margarita’s memorial on a trail nearest the wash. Located at the base of a mesquite tree, approximately thirty feet from the washes edge.

Tanque Verde Wash January 2015-72

During the winter of 2015, heavy rains in the mountains sent a current of water washing away some of the banks of the usually dry wash.

Tanque Verde Wash Fllod-72

Then, last week heavy winter participation in the mountains overnight again sent a flash flood down the wash, rerouting the flow.

Tanque Verde Flood--72

Noticing the flow of water from our patio that morning, I waited till the afternoon before going down to the wash.

Tanque Verde Wash-72

As I walked the trail, I could see trail nearest the wash was gone, so too the mesquite tree with Margarita’s memorial.

Tanque Verde Flood-2-72

The flow of the wash was now down about four feet from its early morning peak. The flooding had been so extensive, socking the land making it too dangerous to go looking for the tree.

I returned the next day to try walking west along the wash.

Looking across the wash, on the newly formed island a tree laid with large roots sticking up. Was this Margrete’s tree?

Tanque Verde Wash Flood-5-72

I wasn’t sure till I spotted a yellow plastic flower hanging in the debris.

Tanque Verde Wash Flood-72.jpg

Once I downloaded the images, I cropped the image of the downed tree. Over the years since 2011, the memorial has been maintained, adding plastic flowers and hanging trinkets from the tree.


In the early days of the memorial, David would visit the site, dropping rose petals on the memorial plaque.

David Berg 13456 - 2011-05-26 Memorial Tree Des blog

— kenne

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher   Leave a comment

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher-1157 blogBlack-tailed Gnatcatcher On A Brittlebush in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Because of a lack of winter rains,
brittlebush plants are very dry and few
are blooming this spring.

— kenne

“Nothing human disgusts me . . . unless it is unkind or violent.”

— Tennesee Williams

Water’s Running In The Tanque Verde Wash   1 comment

Recent rains in the valley and snow on Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountains has water running through what is normally dry. Although the flow is usually brief, one guy was trying to take advantage of the winter rains in southern Arizona. More rain is forecasted for tonight.

Rain and melting snow
Bring water down canyons to
The Tanque Verde wash.

— kenne




tanque-verde-wash-0550-blogTanque Verde Wash Between Sabino Canyon Road and Craycroft Road — Images by kenne


High Water Over Low Water Crossing   Leave a comment

bear-canyon-low-water-crossing-blogHigh Water Over Low Water Crossing (Bear Canyon Bridge, January 1, 2017) — Image by kenne

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain
I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I’d see you again
Been walking

— from Fire and Rain by James Taylor

Record Rain Fall In Tucson   Leave a comment

Tanque Verde Wash (1 of 1)-5 blogTrail Next To The Tanque Verde Wash, Looking East.Tanque Verde Wash (1 of 1)-3 blogTanque Verde Wash, Looking East.Tanque Verde Wash (1 of 1) blogTanque Verde Wash, Looking East.Tanque Verde Wash (1 of 1)-2 blogTanque Verde Wash, Looking South.Tanque Verde Wash (1 of 1)-4 blogTanque Verde Wash, Looking West — Images by kenne

Record rains have filled the normally dry Tanque Verde Wash. The rain gauge at our home located on one of the ridges above the wash measured 2.5 inches. The mountains north of us have received rain in ranges above 6 inches.

These photos were taken along the wash just east of where the it runs into the Rillito River. (January 31, 2015)

Currently, the rain has moved on leaving us a foggy damp morning. The forecast is sunny by mid-morning, making for great upper-sixties weather for the Super Bowl being played 90 miles north of us. Oh, and also for the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale. 


It’s Not Easy Being The Sun   3 comments

Sun In The Rain (1 of 1) blogSeattle Sunshine in a Misty Rain — Image by kenne

It’s not easy being the sun in Seattle,
Working hard all day just to be seen.

Always searching for thin clouds
To let us know you are still there.

In time you are the big winner,
Burning through lighting up smiling faces.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Rainy Day Vista   1 comment

Low Clouds (1 of 1)-3 art blogRainy Day Vista — Image by kenne

Rainy day vista
Dark clouds over the mountains
Desert winter rains.

Low hanging white clouds
Provide artistic contrast
On a desert morn.

— kenne


Capturing The Moment — Much Needed Rain In The Desert   2 comments

Misc 01-27-13

Yesterday we received a much-needed 1.6 inches of rain (patio reading) with even more at the higher elevations.
This image is from our patio, looking south past our neighbor toward the Tanque Verde wash.

Misc 01-27-13

Later in the day the clouds began to breakup, with still a heavy cover over the Catalinas.

Tanke Verde Wash 01-27-13

This morning I walked along the Tanque Verde wash, which now has water flowing toward the Rillito river at Craycroft Road.

Tanke Verde Wash 01-27-13Images by kenne

Before the rains this weekend, I was leading a SCVN hike in Sabino Canyon, which involved crossing the Sabino Creek —
an easy task compared to what some hikers were having to deal with yesterday in Bear Canyon, located just east of Sabino Canyon.


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