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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPondering the Duende — Image by kenne

I write not because of an ability,
but because of an inspiration, a magic, a fire inside
that garners an alliance with my demons and angels.

“Thus duende is a power and not a behavior,
it is a struggle and not a concept.

I have heard an old master guitarist say:
‘Duende is not in the throat;
duende surges up from the soles of the feet.’

Which means it is not a matter of ability,
but of real live form;

of blood;
of ancient culture;
of creative action.”

— Federico Garcia Lorca


conversations lost

from the past
in the images
of memories
only to return
on the backs
of death
by poets
serving only
to introduce
of what was
like water
from a fountain’s
to be reborn
and again
and again

— kenne

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  1. Nice words on Duende. Check out my blog, michadam.wordpress.net, which tells the personal story behind the writing of my upcoming novel, Child of Duende. I write because of inspiration, because of Duende…


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