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Graber Olive House Tour — Photo Essay   Leave a comment

graber-olive-house-1-of-1-2-joy-ken-blogJoy and Kenne at Graber Olive House (Ontario, CA, November 25, 2016)

“This is a small family run artisanal olive producer
that still does things 
the old-fashioned way with
hand-sorted olives picked at the peak of their ripeness.  

The Grabers don’t use the term artisanal,
but if there was one place that fit the term it would be this place.”

Graber Olive House Painting   3 comments

graber-olive-house-1-of-1-7_art-ii-blog-iiComputer Painting by kenne

Travel becomes an excuse for taking photographs to use in creating memories.

— kenne

Graber Olive Cannery Exterior Wall Mosaic II   Leave a comment

graber-olive-house-1-of-1-4-mosaic-blogGraber Olive Cannery Exterior Wall Mosaic II — Photo by kenne

“The palate with pine-sharpness. They recall
The harvest and its toil,
The nets spread under silver trees that foil
The blue glass of the heavens in the fall—
Daylight packed in treasuries of oil,”

— from Olives, by A.E. Stallings


Graber Olive Cannery Exterior Wall Mosaic   Leave a comment

graber-olive-house-1-of-1-3-mosaic-tile-picture-blogGraber Olive Cannery Exterior Wall Mosaic — Photo by kenne

The Pits

Across from me my hostess sits
And counts my mounting olive pits
To throw her off and just for fun,
I think that I will swallow one.

— Richard Armour

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