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Graber Olive Cannery Exterior Wall Mosaic   Leave a comment

graber-olive-house-1-of-1-3-mosaic-tile-picture-blogGraber Olive Cannery Exterior Wall Mosaic — Photo by kenne

The Pits

Across from me my hostess sits
And counts my mounting olive pits
To throw her off and just for fun,
I think that I will swallow one.

— Richard Armour

Gather Up The Fragments   Leave a comment

expectationsart-iv-web1Monday Morning Delight

Each Monday morning I receive an email from Roy Williams, the wizard behind the curtain at the Wizard Academy.  This morning’s was titled, “Gather Up the Fragments,” a line from John 6:1-13.  Roy asks the question, “Have you ever stopped to “gather up the fragments” of your life?”

If we believe that ”becoming is superior to being,” then the process of becoming is that of “gathering up the fragments,” so that we may become whole. Whatever has been broken, whatever has been missing, whatever has been disconnected, whatever has been lost, needs to be gathered.  The cookie crumbs are as important as the cookie.

Living this principle is easy to accept in the context being – the moment. What happens when the moment becomes the past? Unresolved fragments, as Williams states, may be come “shrapnel” as we try to maintain a sense of becoming whole. His answer is, “Negotiate your broken places. They allow for new connections.”

As in the universe, all fragments dance in harmony as we move forward in time. Nothing is truly ever lost. We either choose not to see them, or the original act has crossed beyond the horizon.  Either way, these fragments are no longer a part of what we may perceive to be real.  We can change this perception by allowing what we see to include the eyes of others.  By looking through the eyes of others we are able to see the world as it truly is, a bright mosaic.

Bright mosaics are made from gathered fragments.
Broken. Colorful. Unique.

Just like the pattern of your life.

Negotiate your broken places.
They allow for new connections.

Appreciate the weirdness of your past.
It adds color to your future.

Celebrate your personal heritage.
It beats the hell out of whining.

— Roy Williams


(Image: “Expectations IV” by kenne)

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