Cracks In The Door   7 comments

Fredric  3174 Light Thru The CracksImage by kenne

The cracks grow wider
Though the door is not broken

The sun shines through
Warming the dark corners

Sitting in the morning  shadows
The light exposes my scars 

Deepen from experiences past
Forming their own shadows

Like cracks by my eyes
The scars are not broken

— kenne

7 responses to “Cracks In The Door

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  1. How thought provoking! Like the cracks in the door, I notice that many of my older acquaintances seem to emit more light as a result of their experiences.


  2. Great shot and poem!


  3. Exactly what I love–the beauty in the cracks. Love it!:)


    • Life is all about the cracks. The black and white keys on piano are importand, but it’s the cracks that really count.


  4. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Reblogged from May 2013. — kenne


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