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Late June Afternoon On Bourbon Street   Leave a comment

New Orleans (1 of 1)-Bourbon Street-72Late June Afternoon On Bourbon Street — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Full of the profane 

We walk this temporal street 

Yet something sacred.

— kenne

Bee On A Desert Chicory Wildflower   Leave a comment

Southerland TrailBee On A Desert Chicory Wildflower — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“The primitive notion of the efficacy of images
presumes that images possess the qualities of real things,
but our inclination is to attribute real things the quality of images.”

— Susan Sontag

Sky and Earth   2 comments

Sunset-72Sky and Earth — Image by kenne

Sky and earth
make an appointment
at the horizon
very soon
they will be one.

— kenne

Sabino Canyon Viewed from Blackett’s Ridge   2 comments

Blackett's Ridge_Panorama1-72Sabino Canyon Viewed from Blackett’s Ridge — Panorama by kenne

My blog confirms that I have experienced each encounter in my life twice:

once in the world, and once again on the blog.

— kenne

A Mushroom Triaid   1 comment

                                                                                                                                                                Mushrooms-0278-blogA Mushroom Triad — Photo-Artistry kenne

Ars Poetica

A poem should be palpable and mute
As a globed fruit,

As old medallions to the thumb,

Silent as the sleeve-worn stone
Of casement ledges where the moss has grown—

A poem should be wordless
As the flight of birds.


A poem should be motionless in time
As the moon climbs,

Leaving, as the moon releases
Twig by twig the night-entangled trees,

Leaving, as the moon behind the winter leaves,
Memory by memory the mind—

A poem should be motionless in time
As the moon climbs.


A poem should be equal to:
Not true.

For all the history of grief
An empty doorway and a maple leaf.

For love
The leaning grasses and two lights above the sea—

A poem should not mean
But be.

— Achibald MacLeish

Little Fears Becomes Follower #4,000   Leave a comment

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Keep On Blogging — 11 Years Out   1 comment

kennetu-ii-blogComputer Art by kenne (November 26, 2005)

In November of 2006, I posted the following noting the first anniversary of blogging:

. . . One year ago, 135 entries later and approximately 9,500 hits, this blog began with the purpose of sharing existence through the experience of one with the desire to generate other views on our place in time and space.  In doing so, I have come to the realization that this poetic gesture may be nothing more than bullshit to someone else.

So, on the anniversary I’m taking this moment to share a few words from the renowned moral philosopher, Harry G. Frankfurt:

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so
much bullshit. Everyone knows this.  Each of us contributes his

And I would add, some more than others.
But then, one person’s truth is someone else’s bullshit.

“As conscious beings, we exist only in response to other things,
and we cannot know ourselves at all without knowing them.
Moreover, there is nothing in theory, and certainly nothing in
experience, to support the extraordinary judgment that it is
the truth about himself that is the easiest for a person to know.
Facts about ourselves are not peculiarly solid and resistant to
skeptical dissolution.  Our natures are, indeed, elusively
insubstantial – notoriously less stable and less inherent than
the nature of other things.  And insofar as this is the case,
sincerity itself is bullshit.”

This view may cause some confusion.
But, not in our upside-down world
in which the normal order of things
seem to be completely reversed.

This often exists because the
, “. . .more you try to stay
on top of water the more you sink;
but when you try to sink, you float.”



Christmas Time In The Canyon   2 comments

Tosh Lawrence Nature Walk

Sabino Canyon Dam at Christmas Time — Computer Painting by kenne

Christmas time is when it’s the riparian zone of the Lower Sabino Canyon’s turn to display colorful leaves long since fallen at the higher elevations. Soon the colder night temperatures will hasten leaves departing their home for the last nine months. Officially, the desert winter has begun now hosting many species of migrating birds, which attract many nature lovers such as photographer and blogger, Henry Johnson. A few days ago he posted, “Sabino Canyon in December: Part I, Birds.”



Life Is A Gift   5 comments

Yard flowers (1 of 1)-2 butterfly art blogPhoto-Artistry by kenne



shapes in color


shapes in shades


form in shapes


image in form


meaning in image


gratitude in meaning


life in gratitude.

Today I read about someone who keeps a “gratitude journal” and thought, “What a great idea?”
Continuing the thought, I concluded that I already keep a gratitude journal, this blog.
Life is a gift. Each day is filled with blessings — just by posting daily, I’m able to express gratitude.


Capturing The Moment — Street Scene   4 comments

Street Festival Art II blogStreet Scene — Image by kenne

It is for
my self-interest
that I distort
my surroundings
and myself.

Why not,
an image
is never the same
once captured.

Sometimes the moment
is better presented
when distorted —
all reality
is distorted
by our experience.

— kenne


Early Morning Dreams: The Awakening And Starting All Over   4 comments

SCVN Nature_20111207_0503 Morning Dreams blog frameEarly Morning Dreams: The Awakening and Starting All Over — Image by kenne

“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon.
In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.
For nothing is more precious than the life force
and may the love of that force guide you as you go.” 

— Patti Smith, Early Work, 1970-1979

Still Pondering After All These Years   15 comments

Kenne Self Image Art III blog“Hello Darkness My Old Friend — Image by kenne

“Hello, Darkness My Old Friend…”

“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again,” 
is a line from the Simon and Garfunkel song that frequently streams
through my mind.

It is in those moments of darkness that I ponder what it is that continues to
influence the way I think, the way I perceive the world in which we live.

“Because a vision softly creeping left its seed, while I was sleeping,” 
that I look back on the early formative days of my life, a time now
that seems as if I was sleeping. But the vision,
which became the moral
fabric of my spirit and guiding light, was formed.

“And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence.” 
A vision built on principles and truths that guide me, which today are preached,
only to become somebody else’s lies in the name of freedom.

How can we believe in freedom, let support systems that enslave some for the
freedom of others? – No one is truly free unless all are free.

“In restless dreams, I walk alone, narrow streets of cobblestone” 
yet I remain restless as I walk through this land of dreams, with its narrow
streams of conciseness and watchful eyes.

“I turned my collar to the cold and damp when my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light,” 
serving to numb the spirit, only to

“…split the night and touch the sound of silence.”

“And in the naked light, I saw ten thousand people, maybe more,” 
none together, separated by their own silence, giving rise to more lies,
cultivated by and for fear.

“People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening,” 
as the silence only serves to drown the anguish of the suffering to be replaced
by corporate voices. Let, many continue to
“…write songs that voices never shared, and no one dared disturb the sound of silence,”

in a propaganda system intended to cause people to feel helpless.

“ ’Fools!’ said I, ‘you do not know, silence like a cancer grows,” 
in a terminal phase of human existence, where the only cure is
democracy and freedom.
But for this cure to work, our basic institutions must be
under popular control, not that of a privileged controlling class.

“Hear my words that I might teach you, take my arms that I might reach you,”
for it is only the people who can impose moral principles on the gods of fear.
“But my words like silent raindrops fell… and echoed in the wells of silence. And
the people bowed and prayed to the neon gods they make,”

to show commitment to their gladiators, the gods of war.

“And the sign flashed out it’s warning,
In the words that it was forming,
And the sign said,
‘The words of the prophets are written
On the subway walls
And tenement halls.’
And whispered in the sound of silence.”

I apologize for any perceived misuse of the great lyrics from the
Simon and Garfunkel song, “Sounds of Silence.”

(First posted January 27, 2007 — Still pondering after all these years.)

— kenne

Heaven’s Door — Abandoned Ranch House In The Sonoran Desert   Leave a comment

Dove Mountain and Rainy DayThe Desert’s Door To The Sky, The Remains of An Old Ranch House In The Tortolita Mountains
— Image by kenne

by Jeffrey Alfier

Winds release clouds from the tread of drifting
but buoy the arcs of loitering hawks.
It’s so quiet he swears he hears sunlight,
Chihuahuan sage blossoming in clusters.
Where his footfalls impel a warbler’s flight,
distant church bells summon their own echoes.
He kneels, presses palms to parched tractor ruts
that angle off into wind-runneled fields.
Thin soil keeps him for another season,
the ground made of nothing his hands won’t hold.

— from The Silver Birch Press Publication, The Wold Yearling, by Jeffrey C. Alfier

Capturing The Moment — Desert Tortoise   10 comments

Desert Tortoise In Our Courtyard

Desert Tortoise In Our Courtyard

Most of the time he is underground or under the courtyard ground cover.
Most of the time he is underground or under the courtyard ground cover.

Lately he has been wanted out of the courtyard area.

Lately he has wanted out of the courtyard area.

He is getting bored -- it is mating season.

He is getting bored — it is mating season.

He had made several attempt to get out, that I'm aware of.

He had made several attempt to get out, that I’m aware of.

Often with this result -- not to worry, he can right himself up.

Often with this result — not to worry, he can right himself up.

Life Goes Go — Images by kenne

Desert Tortoise
The Desert Tortoise is Dying out,
When I hear about their history I want to cry and shout,
Off-road vehicles are driven through their home,
To look for a new one they have to roam,
Their habitats have been destroyed,
I think the tortoises are sad and annoyed,
Even though the desert looks lifeless,
There are animals out there that are helpless,
If they die others will too,
Because living things are connected like paper and glue,
Everything in this world is linked,
So we need to help them before they’re extinct.

— Lynne Chen
(Lynne is a teenager whose dream job is to be an author and a pediatrician.)

Texas Blues Friends At Papa’s Ice House   Leave a comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATexas Blues Friends at Papa’s Ice House in The Woodlands, Texas (June 2002)

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