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Heaven’s Door — Abandoned Ranch House In The Sonoran Desert   Leave a comment

Dove Mountain and Rainy DayThe Desert’s Door To The Sky, The Remains of An Old Ranch House In The Tortolita Mountains
— Image by kenne

by Jeffrey Alfier

Winds release clouds from the tread of drifting
but buoy the arcs of loitering hawks.
It’s so quiet he swears he hears sunlight,
Chihuahuan sage blossoming in clusters.
Where his footfalls impel a warbler’s flight,
distant church bells summon their own echoes.
He kneels, presses palms to parched tractor ruts
that angle off into wind-runneled fields.
Thin soil keeps him for another season,
the ground made of nothing his hands won’t hold.

— from The Silver Birch Press Publication, The Wold Yearling, by Jeffrey C. Alfier

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