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You Do What You Have To Do   Leave a comment

Bryan Lee2006-06-10-26-art-72Bryan Lee — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Blues musician Bryan (Braille Blues Daddy) Lee has been a fixture on Bourbon Steet for
four decades. He was frequently a live music stop for us during our many trips to New Orleans
during our time living in the Houston area.
We first saw him at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street. 

When Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, like a lot of New Orleans musicians he began
touring more through Texas and up into the mid-west. In 2006 we saw him and his
band at a live music bar in Conroe, Texas north of Houston. The above photo artistry
image was created from a photo taken during one of his stops in Conroe.

— kenne


Late June Afternoon On Bourbon Street   Leave a comment

New Orleans (1 of 1)-Bourbon Street-72Late June Afternoon On Bourbon Street — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Full of the profane 

We walk this temporal street 

Yet something sacred.

— kenne

Bourbon Street In The Rain   2 comments

New Orleans 2007 265 Two Years After B&W Art blog-2Image by kenne

Long weekends 
in our city of escape 
created ownership
that time bought back.

Dreams have replaced 
the amped erogenous
moments, now searching

for new zones.

— kenne

Bourbon Street Trash   2 comments

New Orleans Bourbon Street Art IV blog-Bourbon Street Trash — Computer Art by kenne

Bourbon street trash
stacked for pick-up
captured without a flash
part of my street mockup.

I don’t like to rhyme
and as you can tell
it’s a waste of my time
since I don’t excel.

My words are trash
They could stand a tune-up
from Mr. Balderdash,
which would make it a tossup.

— kenne

New Orleans In The Rain   3 comments

New Orleans 2007  Grunge Art blogNew Orleans In The Rain — Grunge Art by kenne

Bourbon Street Before The New Year’s Crowd   1 comment


Bourbon Street Before The New Year’s Crowd — Image by kenne

New Orleans

underneath city lights,
jazz bands
reverberating, breathing in
voodoo shop

pulsates beneath
wide eyes
peering up at
beaded balconies on
Frenchman Street.

Freedom is
coffee and baguettes from
Cafe Du Monde at
surrounded by strangers.

Find me under strings of
flickering bulbs,
trading trails with

Candlelit doorways illuminate the drifters, the curious, the backpackers,the Kerouacs,
the way to the gypsies past

But not home.

— MC Hammered

Washing Down The Sidewalks, Early Morning New Orleans   4 comments

New Orleans Bourbon Street--3 blogBourbon Street, New Orleans — Image by kenne

We party like pirates
who are going to be ghosts tomorrow
The streets are stained
with sweat and rain
The brick walls rent by the shifting earth
and in the fissure the hot green rot
of new life, licking at the flames
It is our pain
These gaping wounds
that make way for the river
that flows through us all
making us beautiful places to visit
Aching and crumbling
and crying make sweet breaking music
A trilling trumpet on the air:
One last drowning cry.

Erin Lierl
Bourbon Street, New Orleans
(Erin is a street poet)

The Lady Behind The Mask   Leave a comment

New Orleans 2007The Lady Behind The Mask — Image by kenne


what secrets
does she hide

behind her
face of stone

she is not real

see the phony look

distant stare

a lonely pretender
hiding doubt

having given up
the search

now her life is
a fake

she accepts it

false truths

still unable to
look straight
into my eyes

tears drop


New Orleans 2007  265 Two Years After Blues Company Art blogBourbon Street — Image by kenne

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