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Capturing The Moment — Spring Is In The Air   Leave a comment

Desert Museum

The Marigold

When with a serious musing I behold
The grateful and obsequious marigold,
How duly, ev’ry morning, she displays
Her open breast, when Titan spreads his rays;

How she observes him in his daily walk,
Still bending towards him her tender stalk;
How, when he down declines, she droops and mourns,
Bedew’d, as ’twere, with tears, till he returns;
And how she veils her flow’rs when he is gone,
As if she scorned to be looked on
By an inferior eye, or did contemn
To wait upon a meaner light than him;
When this I meditate, methinks the flowers
Have spirits far more generous than ours,
And give us fair examples to despise
The servile fawnings and idolatries
Wherewith we court these earthly things below,
Which merit not the service we bestow.

— from the poem “The Marigold” by George Wither

Desert Museum

Desert Marigold — Images by kenne

Black Mountains Arizona Panoramic   Leave a comment

Christmas 2012

Black Mountains Southeast of Kingman, Arizona — Image by kenne


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