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Friends of The Blues – Ten Years Out   6 comments

FOB Dinner  8172 - 2009-11-06 at 20-41-42 blogA lot can happen in ten years. Some friends are no longer with us; some groups are no longer with us; some businesses are not longer with us. It was a little over ten years ago when Montgomery College began working with Twister Communications in Conroe to consider becoming Twister’s corporate university. It was at a luncheon meeting that Dale Armet and I got off the topic and began talking about the Blues. One thing lead to another and we called a few Blues people to meet with us on the topic of forming an organization called, Friends of The Blues – Montgomery County (FOB). As they say, “the rest is history.”

FOB Dinner  DiniceFrancineDale 8179 - 2009-11-06 at 20-43-44 blogAlthough, as an organization sponsoring an educational series at the College, called appropriately, “The Blues Series,” we only existed for a little more than three years. When the series ended, the reasons were several, but paramount among them was the death of A.J. Murphy, a founding member of FOB. Although we didn’t realize it until after his death, A.J. was the glue that our loose-net organization together.

Francine Murphy Chronicle blog

Francine Murphy @ Veteran's Cemetery on Veteran's Day, 2008

Much has changed in ten years, however much remains the same. In our own ways we continue to support the Blues and live music. There’s not a day without something reminding each one of us about FOB and A.J. Murphy, so when Joy and I decide to host a dinner for some of “The Friends,” it was super that Francine Murphy was able to attend. A fun evening was had buy all, and as always, A.J.’s spirit was in the house.


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FOBulous: New Blues Site in Southeast Texas   1 comment

FOBulous Group Photo II blogTen years ago a small group of Blues lovers started an organization: Friends of the Blues – Montgomery County and coined the term “FOBulous.” Much was done to further live Blues music in southeast Texas. But, after a few years “burn-out” set in and we went into a holding pattern in Blues limbo.  To possible start things up again, there’s a new site on the bloggest-sphere:

Contribute to the site and help support the Blues!


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Call It Stormy Monday — Mr. “V” with Mean Gene Kelton   2 comments

mr-v-with-mean-gene-kelton-4921-blogAnyone that is a Blues lover in Houston, Texas knows about KPFT’s “Blues On The Move” Sunday morning show, hosted by “The Love Doctor,” Mr. V (James Vaughn) and his lovely wife, Mrs. “V” (Jo).  Wherever live Blues is happening in Houston, it’s not uncommon to see the “V’s” in the house, and Saturday night at the Corner Pub in Conroe was no exception.  This time the “V’s” were there to see Mean Gene Kelton and the Diehards, along with many of the original “Friends of The Blues — Montgomery County.”  (FOBulous!)

As usual, I was taking some photos, and when Mr. V went on stage, I pulled out my little video camera. (I’m still working on the best way to upload my HD video to YouTube, so I’m still not pleased with the quality.) This was a reunion of sorts from last year Mr. V’ 69th birthday and in Memphis.

The song Mr. V does is Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday’s Just As Bad) by legendary and great, T. Bone Walker.


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