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kpfts-ladies-day-webCollage from last year’s KPFT Ladies Day

. . .photos really help!

We were not able to attend this year’s party, so we really appreciate Jo sending this photo link. We were at Camp CALM (Conroe Association of Live Music). As soon as I can get to the photos and video clips, I will post the event on  this blog site.


Call It Stormy Monday — Mr. “V” with Mean Gene Kelton   2 comments

mr-v-with-mean-gene-kelton-4921-blogAnyone that is a Blues lover in Houston, Texas knows about KPFT’s “Blues On The Move” Sunday morning show, hosted by “The Love Doctor,” Mr. V (James Vaughn) and his lovely wife, Mrs. “V” (Jo).  Wherever live Blues is happening in Houston, it’s not uncommon to see the “V’s” in the house, and Saturday night at the Corner Pub in Conroe was no exception.  This time the “V’s” were there to see Mean Gene Kelton and the Diehards, along with many of the original “Friends of The Blues — Montgomery County.”  (FOBulous!)

As usual, I was taking some photos, and when Mr. V went on stage, I pulled out my little video camera. (I’m still working on the best way to upload my HD video to YouTube, so I’m still not pleased with the quality.) This was a reunion of sorts from last year Mr. V’ 69th birthday and in Memphis.

The song Mr. V does is Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday’s Just As Bad) by legendary and great, T. Bone Walker.


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