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Capturing The Moment — “I Aspire To Inspire, Before I Expire”   2 comments

Diunna Greenleaf 09-14-12Jonn Richardson, Diunna Greenleaf and Bob Corritore — Image by kenne

We have thought more about Houston lately and our many “blues” friends. Since moving to Tucson from The Woodlands, we have stayed in touch via the Internet, social media and other electronic media. Friday, we learned via Facebook that our good friend, Mary Harris (aka, Ken & Mary of Ken & Mary’s Blues Project) was in the hospital after having a lung collapse — gotta be hard on breathing! The news is good, she is resting and getting better all the time.

Each time we go to Houston visiting family, we tried to include friends, which is not always easy. So, Ken & Mary are a “must see,” because we love them and they are soooo connected to all our blues friends in the Houston area, therefore we try to schedule trips around Ken & Mary’s house concerts. (Sometimes we can only schedule lunch.) We could go on and on with superlatives, but we will let past and future posting on the blues and Ken & Mary do the talking.

When time allows, we stream KPFT on Sunday morning, listening to Mr. & Mrs. V, who we are pleased to say have been a part of our circle of friends for almost as long as we have known Ken & Mary — our circle has grown to include blues in Tucson and Phoenix, with the likes of Marty Kool , KXCI, and all the great blues Bob Corritore brings into Arizona at his “Rhythm Room” in Phoenix.

This morning, we were streaming KPFT, knowing the the V’s would mention Mary’s hospitalization. We stepped away from the computer for a moment, when returning we heard Diunna Greenleaf singing one of our favorite Diunna songs, “Growing Up and Growing Old.” Given Mary’s situation, having heard Diunna sing it on several occasions, plus having the CD, I kept saying to myself, “myself, I thing I videoed her singing this song when she and Jonn were here at Plaza Palomino’s Rhythm & Roots Concert Series, Tucson, Arizona, and the Bisbee Blues Festival. Hoping that I had not lost the clips from their time here in September 2012, my Sunday became an “age like fine wine” project, in more ways than one.

Here’s the video, dedicated to Mary — hope we continue to hear great news on your recovery, Mary!

kenne & joy

“I aspire to inspire, before I expire.”
— Diunna Greenleaf

Preach on, Sister!

Mr. & Mrs. “V” & KPFT Remember Mean Gene Kelton   1 comment

Buddy Brewer, Nancy McAfee, Joni Kelton & Mr. “V” (James Vaughn) at KPFT — Image by kenne

Mr. and Mrs. “V” dedicated most of their Sunday morning “Blues On The Move” program to the late Mean Gene Kelton. Many people, the real “Die Hards,” shared their stories and their thoughts of Houston’s Blues/Rock/Americana singer-songwriter, Mean Gene Kelton. I have additional photos and video I will be sharing in the next week.


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kpfts-ladies-day-webCollage from last year’s KPFT Ladies Day

. . .photos really help!

We were not able to attend this year’s party, so we really appreciate Jo sending this photo link. We were at Camp CALM (Conroe Association of Live Music). As soon as I can get to the photos and video clips, I will post the event on  this blog site.


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