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Capturing The Moment — The Ghosts Of The Double Bayou   2 comments

The Ghosts of The Double Bayou — Image by kenne

The Ghosts of The Double Bayou

Full moon rising at the end of the road.
The still thick air clings to our sweaty skins,
Big drops roll down the curve in my back,
We follow the music coming from down the road.

The shadows of others reflected in the moonlight,
Drawn by the heavy blues, thicken by the air,
More real than ever in the old tin shack,
In the Double Bayou Dance Hall’s 61st wind-blown year.

Blues lovers started coming in the 1940’s
Creating generations of followers
Captured by the feeling of the blues
Returning often, or at least on Christmas Day. 

Now standing badly damaged by hurricane Ike,
Surrounded by overgrown weeds and storm debris,
Yet inside the house still rocks
By the ghost of Pete Mayes and his House Rockers.

(This was written about one of our visits to the Double Bayou Dance Hall, Christmas Day, 2002. Hurricane Ike came through September 13, 2008.)


Pete Mayes and The House Rockers — Image by kenne

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