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I Still Hear The Moment — Take Me Back   7 comments


Take me back, way back
to the quietness
of a summer evening,
watching the moths
circle the lights,
when I was young.

A time when
everything was
black and white,
when I was only
beginning to test the gray,
where Jackson’s filling station
was the center
of what was happening
in my world —

a place where I could
get what I needed,
before I knew
what I wanted,
but still meet my connection . . .

take me back
in the nighttime
I still hear the moment,

the moment,

the moment,

take me back,

take me back.

— kenne


Gas Pumps — Will The Nozzle Reach?   Leave a comment

Gas Pumps — Will The Nozzle Reach? — Image by kenne

“The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality, and eventually in one’s own.” — Susan Sontag

Pyschedelic Gas Pump Of Old   2 comments

Psychedelic Gas Pump Of Old — Image by kenne

In the days of old 

a celebration of consciousness

that can be found in the soul,

in the body,

in the universe —

in all the forms of spirit and matter.

— kenne

Rural Southern Grocery Stores And Juke-Joints   4 comments

  Image Source: Library of Congress

I recently observed this Library of Congress photo of a gas station, grocery store and “juke-joint” in Melrose, Louisiana. This image reminded me of rural northern Alabama where I lived with my grandparents for several of my childhood years, minus the “juke-joint.” This photo also reminded me of Jackson Grocery in Double Bayou, Texas. No juke-joint here, but a few hundred feet down the road you will find the Double Bayou Dance Hall. The grocery store still exist, however, the dance hall was badly damaged by hurricane Ike and remains closed.


Jackson Grogercy in Double Bayou, Texas (Note the guy on the left) — Image by kenne

Double Bayou Dance Hall, Double Bayou, Texas — Image by kenne

Dancing at The Double Bayou Dance Hall — Image by kenne

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