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Moving On Down The Road   Leave a comment

Moving On Down The Road — Image by kenne

Move on down the road
Loaded on a pickup truck
Have house will travel

Through New Mexico
On Interstate Highway 10
East and west movement.

— kenne

Five Years Out   2 comments

kenne-kika-joy-on-patio-arriving_20100621_1287-blog-ii 2014 framedKenne, Kika & Joy, June 21, 2010, waiting for the movers.

We are starting our sixth year here, longer than most friends and family would have predicted, especially since Joy has not grown to love southern Arizona the way I have. However, the five years we have lived here have allowed us to experience most of the things we took into consideration when deciding to move — a new adventure and being closer to Joy’s family in southern California. 

We are now looking forward to year six in the desert southwest, which will include continuing to explore options, contrasted with more traveling. The following poem is titled “Birthday” but could have easily been titled “Life.”

turned around,
here am I.
knowing how
not the why.

young in heart,
old in age.
feeling the itch,
pacing the cage.

inner peace,
knowing the thou.
learning to write
a thesis of now.

turned around,
and found love.
living the moment,
free as a dove.

still learning
when to talk.
listening for,
beat of the walk.

reality is now,
truth in the heart.
singing the knowledge,
a requiem to smart.

turned around,
found beauty in art.
traveling the future,
with Dylan and Descartes. 

— kenne

Morning Sunrise in West Texas — “Hope Coming To Texas”   1 comment

“Hope Coming To Texas” — Image by kenne from Kate’s iPhone

After several years in Ft. Collins, Katie, Nicholas and Matt are moving back to Texas — San Antonio, specifically.

Windmills of Hope

Arriving in Texas
where pickups are still king

Yellow buses grazing 
under a cotton-ball sky

Extreme traffic on the right
sensible on the left

Just remember
I ain’t your dude

You can’t buy me with
a “Two-Step” lottery card

Make it a beer or two
at the old saloon

Times are different
so continue lying to me 

— kenne

Image by Katie Turner Bailey

“Gonna Spend Some Time In Tucson”   25 comments

Joy and I will be moving to Tucson around the 20th of June. The plans have been in the works for a while now and things are have really picked up speed now that we have a contract on our house, with a closing date of the 18th. We will miss our friends, neighbors and family located here in the Houston area, but we will be back now and then. However, we do expect to have plenty of visitors coming to the desert southwest.

People have been asking about our new home, so I have put together a video of clips and photos taken during our February visit to Tucson. At the time, our townhouse was one of several homes at which we were looking, so I limited the video on each home, therefore not capturing a comprehensive view of each. You will note that since it was winter in the desert, some of the vegetation was in a dormant state.


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