Five Years Out   2 comments

kenne-kika-joy-on-patio-arriving_20100621_1287-blog-ii 2014 framedKenne, Kika & Joy, June 21, 2010, waiting for the movers.

We are starting our sixth year here, longer than most friends and family would have predicted, especially since Joy has not grown to love southern Arizona the way I have. However, the five years we have lived here have allowed us to experience most of the things we took into consideration when deciding to move — a new adventure and being closer to Joy’s family in southern California. 

We are now looking forward to year six in the desert southwest, which will include continuing to explore options, contrasted with more traveling. The following poem is titled “Birthday” but could have easily been titled “Life.”

turned around,
here am I.
knowing how
not the why.

young in heart,
old in age.
feeling the itch,
pacing the cage.

inner peace,
knowing the thou.
learning to write
a thesis of now.

turned around,
and found love.
living the moment,
free as a dove.

still learning
when to talk.
listening for,
beat of the walk.

reality is now,
truth in the heart.
singing the knowledge,
a requiem to smart.

turned around,
found beauty in art.
traveling the future,
with Dylan and Descartes. 

— kenne

2 responses to “Five Years Out

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  1. Great thoughts about life.


  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    We have now completed 12 years in Tucson, which in some ways, is hard to believe. When we moved to Tucson in 2010, we had a five-year plan and agreed to reevaluate and create another five-year plan — would we stay here or move on to something new?
    Then, Joy was evaluated as having breast cancer, so our planning process was put on hold. Surgery removed the cancer.
    Now we are 12 years out and 12 years older. We still have an itching for adventure, but our pace is slower. So, what’s next?
    We don’t know yet, other than celebrating twelve beautiful years in southern Arizona. — kenne


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