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The Last Of The Monsoon   Leave a comment

Last of the Monsoon_edit blog“The Last Of The Monsoon, 2014” Image by kenne

 Take hope
desert land,
sleeping sun
behind the 

Dark light,
you wink
at me,
fading sky,
blue heaven,
summer night.

Souls hiding
in red passion
of late love
heard in 
distant voices.

My soul
is ripe
in mystery,
an illusion
in thought.

Night’s here
pushing down
under desert
dependent on
left behind.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Sonoran Monsoon   Leave a comment

Low CloudsSonoran Monsoon — Image by kenne

Sonoran Monsoon

Earlier in the day
I was hiking in the sky
where it rained —

 the top of the world is greener.

Now I stand
below and dry
flagstone at my feet —

rubbing my dry eyes.

Trying to summon tears
signaling the clouds above
for more than a few drops —

impossible to talk
about the loneliness.

— kenne


Cartoon du jour — Desert Monsoon Humor   2 comments

Source: Facebook Images

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Capturing The Moment — Water In The Canyon   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon Dam — Image by kenne

Water has returned to Sabino Creek.

Life is refreshed in the canyon.

Gila chub fish swim in the pools.

Two girls slide on dam boulders.

Lushness is abundant in the desert.




Monsoon Storms Build In The Desert   3 comments

Images by kenne

Monsoon Storms Build In The Desert

We arrived noticing the clouds to the northeast
“Do you think we will finally get some rain?”
“South of the city got rain last night,
We missed out again.”

So went the conversation, weather again.
Tiring of the topic, other topics began
To work they’re way into our neighborly chat,
As usual, avoiding topics of potential discord.

“What is that? “
“Did you hear that?”
“Sounds like thunder, “was one reply,
As the conversation continued.

Try as we may, the thought of rain remained
In the background of each discussion topic.
Why not? The months without rain,
Record-setting temperatures were killing our plants.

“What is that?”
“Did you hear that?”
All eyes were directed toward the windows
The dialog taking on a tone of excitement – “It’s rain!”

Not just your typical desert rain
Where only a few drops make it to ground
Most devoured by the  dry Sonoran desert air,
We were having a true gully washer!


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