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Capturing The Moment — Morning Loneliness   Leave a comment

Whitewater Draw January 2014-9525 blogMorning Loneliness — Image by kenne

Morning Loneliness

The pain that falls
behind his eyes
as he fades away
into his mind.
I try to get him
to come home again
away from his morning loneliness. It happens each time
I wake up and see
his eyes light up
like a fire of thoughts
that flare into life
then fades into morning loneliness. 

But by the time the sun
has shone its full glory
his loneliness changes
to something more.
like the tide it turns
to a life of anger
away from his morning loneliness. 

by Sakura Kiss

The Rock At The Pass   1 comment

Dove Mountain and Rainy DayRock At The Pass — Image by kenne

I will see you at the rock,

the rock at the pass —

not till you are lost,

then you will find me

by the river sitting on the rock.

You starting point will be

the mystery of my loneliness.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Sonoran Monsoon   Leave a comment

Low CloudsSonoran Monsoon — Image by kenne

Sonoran Monsoon

Earlier in the day
I was hiking in the sky
where it rained —

 the top of the world is greener.

Now I stand
below and dry
flagstone at my feet —

rubbing my dry eyes.

Trying to summon tears
signaling the clouds above
for more than a few drops —

impossible to talk
about the loneliness.

— kenne


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