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First Camellia Bonsai Blossom   1 comment

camellia flower-0743 framed blogFirst Camellia Bonsai Blossom — Image by kenne


One year ago October, our friends Kathy and Bob from Winchester, Virginia visited us. They gave us our first camellia bonsai tree. Since then I have been careful to make sure it was watered regularly here in the desert southwest. Although it is typically a late fall blooming plant, the little tree didn’t have any blossoms when we receive it. So, we have been anxiously waiting for it to bloom this fall, wondering if the buds were ever going to open. This image is the first blossom. 

Thanks again, Kathy and Bob for the lovely bonsai.

— kenne

Bonsai Hotel   2 comments

bonsi-hotel-blogBonsai Hotel — Image by kenne

“Remember, when moving, 
There is no place that doesn’t move. 
When still, 
There is no place that isn’t still.

First seek extension, then contraction; 
Then it can be fine and subtle.

It is said,
If others don’t move, 
I don’t move.

If others move slightly, 
I move first.” 

Source: Unknown

camellia-1-of-1-art-blogA Recent Addition from Kathy & Bob, a Camellia Bonsai — Image by kenne

A Bonsai Forest   2 comments

Foemina Juniper (1 of 1) blogFoemina Juniper Bonsai at the Huntington Museum & Gardens — Image by kenne

A bonsai forest

diminutive work of art

with air of calmness.

— kenne

Trees, The Stuff of Myths II   2 comments

Getty & Huntington 2011Bonsai Art — Image by kenne


are worthy of reverence,
giving us a sense
of the unknown,
becoming the center
of our fascination.


are holders of curiosity,
masked in the name
of wisdom,
facility of spirit,
carrying a person’s mind
past himself.


are witness to happenings,
generating the stuff
of myths,
upon which we share
he essence and
power of becoming.

— kenne

Red, White and Blue Bonsai   1 comment

Getty & Huntington 2011Red, White and Blue Bonsai — Image by kenne

don’t be negative
somebody spiked my coffee
a new perspective

— kenne

The Shape Of Bonsai   Leave a comment

Getty & Huntington 2011The Shape of Bonsai — Image by kenne

Little trees, few words.
Every day I nurture each,
Pruning tree and verse.

— kenne

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Capturing The Moment — Schefflera Bonsai   4 comments

schefflera plant-7913 art blogSchefflera Bonsai Painting — Image by kenne

Schefflera bonsai
Surviving the desert heat
In a small planter.

A full-sized brassaia
In shade with water.

  — kenne

(This bonsai started life in the sub-tropic climate of the gulf coast many years ago. We moved it with us to Tucson where it loss its leaves, but has come back strong. I will be trimming it back and repotting this winter — life goes on in the desert for this indestructible bonsai.)

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