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Desert Roughrider   Leave a comment

Willow Springs Ranch-8228 art II Desert Rough Rider blogComputer Art by kenne

Desert roughrider
Weathering the desert heat —
But it is dry heat!

— kenne

Desert Heat Doesn’t Bother This Plant   Leave a comment

Mexican Bird of Paradice-2758 blog nameImage by kenne


Capturing The Moment — Gila Woodpecker In Desert Heat   2 comments

Desert Museum Gila Woodpecker (1 of 1) gila woodpecker blog

Desert Museum (1 of 1)-4 gila woodpecker blogGila Woodpecker in Desert Heat — Image by kenne

Staying Cool In Tucson Under My Estes Park Cap   11 comments

Kenne at Pool_20110808_0004 II Hot Eyes blogStaying Cool In Tucson Under My Estes Park Cap — Image by kenne

mid-day in the desert,

I walk outside

taking a break


the birds drinking

at the fountain

white-winged doves


across the sky.

where are they going,

in their

straight path-line,

I wonder?

I sit

in the shade

of the olive tree

the desert dry heat

an’t bad,

as long as you

are not moving

and have a

iced-cold beer

in hand —

this is what

desert life

is all about!


these are 



— kenne

(108 degrees today)

May 17th, 1st 100 Degree Day   1 comment

The Butts Have It photo (15)_edit blog framed1st 100 Degree Day — Image by kenne

Butts in the air time

Empty chair in the middle,


— kenne


Capturing The Moment — Schefflera Bonsai   6 comments

schefflera plant-7913 art blogSchefflera Bonsai Painting — Image by kenne

Schefflera bonsai
Surviving the desert heat
In a small planter.

A full-sized brassaia
In shade with water.

  — kenne

(This bonsai started life in the sub-tropic climate of the gulf coast many years ago. We moved it with us to Tucson where it loss its leaves, but has come back strong. I will be trimming it back and repotting this winter — life goes on in the desert for this indestructible bonsai.)

SCVN Friday Hike On The Oracle Ridge Trail #1(June 14, 2013)   4 comments

Oracle Ridge #1 SCVN HikeOracle Ridge Trail, View South Toward Mount Lemmon (Since I Was Leading This Year’s Hike,This Is An Image From Last Year) — Image by kenne

Oracle Ridge Trail #1

Once a trail
through the Mount Lemmon Forest,
shaded by tall ponderosas
until the trail reached the ridge
where the only shade
was from large alligator junipers.

This picture made it a favorite
of many southern Arizona hikers,
till ten years ago
the ridge was charred
by the Aspen Wildfire,
leaving only minds eye images.

Now, ten years out
many blacken trees remain
as new aspen, pine seedlings
and New Mexico locust
bring back the green
to the ridge.

Always a moderately
difficult trail on the return,
the loss of shade
has made it less inviting
to those looking for 
a cool retreat from 
the desert heat below —

still #1 for some.


Short iPhone Video Clip At Dan’s Saddle Where We Rested Under Sparse Shade Before Starting Our Return Up The Ridge.

Phil Bentley Playing The Harp

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