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First 100 Degree Day In Tucson May 30th   2 comments

Pation Sun Screen (1 of 1) blogPatio Sun Screen — Image by kenne

Our patio is where we can sit and watch the sunset. But when the temperatures start going over 100 degrees, it’s time for the patio sun screen. Through the screen we can watch the sunset with the shadows of the sago palm and olive tree on the screen — beautiful day in the desert!

We almost made it through May without hitting triple digits.


May 17th, 1st 100 Degree Day   1 comment

The Butts Have It photo (15)_edit blog framed1st 100 Degree Day — Image by kenne

Butts in the air time

Empty chair in the middle,


— kenne


A Big Thanks To The Guys on The Roof   Leave a comment

Roofing Collage blog

The crew from Donahoe Roofing have spent the last two days replacing our roof in 100+ degrees. I say 100+ when the ground temperture was over 100 degrees, only God knowing how much hotter it was near the roof surface. Since I have been around most of the time, I have witnessed how draining it has been. To deal with the heat, they have spent twelve plus hours each day doing a job that normally would have been completed in a little more than a day. It should be noted that this crew has been working in temperatures near or over 100 degrees for over a month now.

It can be a bitch working construction in the gulf coast.


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