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Vineyard Hacienda in Spring Valley, California — Images by kenne

It’s not uncommon for people in Tucson to get away from the heat by either going to the White Mountains, Flagstaff or the San Diego area. The last couple of years we have gone to San Diego.

On our previous getaways, we stayed downtown, near Balboa Park, or at Pala Casino. Wanting to try something different, Joy started searching travel sites and learned about Vineyard Hacienda. It looked like a really cool place and had a lot of good reviews, so she scheduled a three-night stay.

When we left the forecast for Tucson was 106. When we arrived in Spring Valley the San Diego temperature was 105. So much for trying to escape the heat.

Vineyard Hacienda is a beautiful place, tucked away from a lot of hassle of metropolitan San Diego. Having only six rooms, the Hacienda provides the best of a B&B and a hotel. However, upon arriving, we learned the Vineyard Hacienda doesn’t have AC, a nice fan but no AC.

The temperatures in San Diego tend to be moderate, which is one of the reasons why it’s a great travel destination.  Having moderate temperatures in the summer is also why some authentic places may not have air conditioning. Under normal circumstances, this would be fine, but not during record-setting summer temperatures. 

We changed into our bathing suits and headed for the pool for a couple hours before going out to dinner at a local beer and burger place — great food. 

The next morning we learned that there was no water. Overnight the pump broke down. This was not good, especially since the forecast was for another day in the 100’s and no one seemed to know when the water would come back on. 

So, with no water and AC, we headed for the Coronado Island beach, followed by lunch in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. Since it was still too hot to walk around the Quarter, we decided to head back to the Hacienda and spend the rest of the day by the pool.

As we drove back, we decided, water or no water we were going to check out the following morning, cutting our trip short by a day. Late in a day of another 105+ temperatures, the water was back on.

— kenne

Cooling Off In Tucson   1 comment

Cooling Off In Tucson — Images by kenne

Sure it’s hot in the desert
we just learn to adapt.

— kenne


Climate Change: Do You Feel The Heat   Leave a comment

Turkey Creek Trail

“Climate Change: Do You Feel The Heat?” — Image by kenne

If you ask me
to show you God,
I will point to the sun,
or a tree,
or a warm.

But if you say,
“You mean, then,
that God is the sun,
the tree,
the worm,

and all other things?” —
I shall have to say
that you have
missed the point

— Alan W. Watts

Capturing The Moment — “Lipstick Sunset”   8 comments

Rain Clouds August 2013“Lipstick Sunset” Image by kenne

Lipstick Sunset

There’s a lipstick sunset 
Smeared across the august sky 
There’s a bitter-sweet perfume 
Hanging in the fields 
The creek is running high 

And I left my lover waiting 
In the dawn somewhere to wonder why 
By the end of the day 
All her sweet dreams would fade 
To a lipstick sunset 

Well, a radio was playing 
And that ol’ summer heat was on the rise 
I just had to get away 
Before some sad old song 
Brought tears to my eyes 

And lord I couldn’t tell her 
That her love was only killing me 
By the end of the day 
All her sweet dreams would fade 
To a lipstick sunset 

Well it’s pretty as a picture baby 
Red and blushing just before the night 
Maybe love’s like that for me 
Maybe I can only see 
As you take away the light 

So hold me in the darkness 
We can dream about the cool twilight 
‘Til the end of the day 
I can make my getaway 
To a lipstick sunset 

Til the end of the day 
I can make my getaway 
To a lipstick sunset 

There will come another day 
Then I’ll make my getaway 
To a lipstick sunset

— John Hiatt
Rain Clouds August 2013
Rain at Nightfall — Image by kenne

Raining at nightfall
is a red lipstick sunset
followed by storms.

— kenne

A Big Thanks To The Guys on The Roof   Leave a comment

Roofing Collage blog

The crew from Donahoe Roofing have spent the last two days replacing our roof in 100+ degrees. I say 100+ when the ground temperture was over 100 degrees, only God knowing how much hotter it was near the roof surface. Since I have been around most of the time, I have witnessed how draining it has been. To deal with the heat, they have spent twelve plus hours each day doing a job that normally would have been completed in a little more than a day. It should be noted that this crew has been working in temperatures near or over 100 degrees for over a month now.

It can be a bitch working construction in the gulf coast.


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