Staying Cool In Tucson Under My Estes Park Cap   11 comments

Kenne at Pool_20110808_0004 II Hot Eyes blogStaying Cool In Tucson Under My Estes Park Cap — Image by kenne

mid-day in the desert,

I walk outside

taking a break


the birds drinking

at the fountain

white-winged doves


across the sky.

where are they going,

in their

straight path-line,

I wonder?

I sit

in the shade

of the olive tree

the desert dry heat

an’t bad,

as long as you

are not moving

and have a

iced-cold beer

in hand —

this is what

desert life

is all about!


these are 



— kenne

(108 degrees today)

11 responses to “Staying Cool In Tucson Under My Estes Park Cap

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  1. That is a cool picture!! And the cold beer sound good too.


  2. very cool!


  3. I do declare … is that a selfie? Great shot! My A/C seems to be running non-stop and I don’t like beer, but I did find some solace in a tall glass of iced tea laced with lemonade today.


  4. don’t think I would enjoy that kind of heat.. I found Montana summer heat a killer. great picture though…you are an outdoor “boy” so no telling you to stay out of the sun. have a good day!


  5. Great photo and poem!! I am kind of fond of the desert, although 108 is pretty hot.


  6. Phew!!


  7. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    I felt this posting is fitting to follow the previous dove posting. — kenne


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