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First Camellia Bonsai Blossom   1 comment

camellia flower-0743 framed blogFirst Camellia Bonsai Blossom — Image by kenne


One year ago October, our friends Kathy and Bob from Winchester, Virginia visited us. They gave us our first camellia bonsai tree. Since then I have been careful to make sure it was watered regularly here in the desert southwest. Although it is typically a late fall blooming plant, the little tree didn’t have any blossoms when we receive it. So, we have been anxiously waiting for it to bloom this fall, wondering if the buds were ever going to open. This image is the first blossom. 

Thanks again, Kathy and Bob for the lovely bonsai.

— kenne

Friends Visit From Winchester, VA   Leave a comment

We have known Bob and Kathy McNeily for about ten years. A year after we moved to Tucson from The Woodlands, TX, they moved to Winchester, VA. In 2013 we visited them at their home in Virginia. This week they finally made it out to see us in Tucson and we did our best showing them Tucson. These are a few photos taken during their visit.

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The Gardens At The Museum Of The Shenandoah Valley   3 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Kathy and Joy in The Gardens at The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Image by kenne

The Glen Burnie Gardens include the Pink Pavilion and Fountain Courtyard, the Boxwood Parterre and Knot Garden, and Vegetable, Perennial, Rose, and Herb Gardens. The historic Wood and Glass Family Cemetery is also part of this landscape.

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Slideshow Images by kenne

Oh Shenandoah I Love Your Daughter   2 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Shenandoah Valley Near Winchester, Virginia — Image by kenne

“Oh Shenandoah,
I love your daughter,
Away, you rolling river.
For her I’d cross,
Your roaming waters,
Away, I’m bound away,
‘Cross the wide Missouri.”


Virginia & Outer Banks 2013“Old Jake” Weather Vane In The Museum of The Shenandoah Valley — Image by kenne

An Eastern Snapping Turtle   2 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Eastern Snapping Turtle Near The Shale Ridge Creek

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Probably a young snapping turtle (approximately 6″ ) shows signs of having come up to the shale area from the muddy areas near the creek.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Bob takes a closer look — Images by kenne

The House At Shale Ridge   9 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Images by kenne

Earlier this month we spent a few days with our good friends, Kathy and Bob at their beautiful home, on thirteen acres, outside Winchester, Virginia. In less than a year, they have done much to clear the Shale Ridge property near the house, adding a “four board” fence on one side of the house for their two golden retrievers. Much has also been cleared in the meadow down along the creek that runs through the property.  Shale Ridge is in the beauty Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Our visit was brief, but as always a wonderful time was spent together.


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