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Capturing The Moment — Basking In The Desert Sun   4 comments

Del Sol_20111229_1044 Joy at Del Sol blog framed“Basking In The Desert Sun” (Joy) — Image by kenne

“We are so constituted
that we can gain intense pleasure
only from the contrast,
and only very little
from the condition itself.”

― Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

Desert Sun, Water And Shadows   3 comments

Del Sol_20111229_1052 Water & Shadows blogDesert Sun, Water and Shadows — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Silverpuff and Desert Chicory   6 comments

7 Falls April 2013Silverpuff and Desert Chicory — Image by kenne

They grow up together
maturing in the desert sun.

She became a
beautiful white flower —
chicory by name.

Soon one night
he blossomed
into a handsome
yellow flower
only to change
by mid-morning
to a silver globe —
silverpuff by name.

Standing there alone
only she knew
of his conversion —
making his change
even more special.

Coupled together
to the earth
their offspring
scattered to the wind.

Soon the very elements
that nurtured
their beginning
will bring about
their ending.

— kenne

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