Hot Dry Temps Bring On The Sonoran Monsoon?   5 comments

Box Camp Trail 06-28-13
View south over Tucson from the Box Camp trail (approximately 7,500′ in the low 80’s) in the Santa Catalina Mountains as triple digit temperatures show signs of pulling moisture from the south.  Maybe the monsoon is on the way — let’s hope.
— Panorama image by kenne


5 responses to “Hot Dry Temps Bring On The Sonoran Monsoon?

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  1. I think all of us desert dwellers are more than ready for the monsoons ☂


  2. during my decade of living in the white mtns it felt so wonderful when the monsoons arrived, after weeks hot increasing heat and humidity. stay cool, Kenne.


  3. Ohio received some of that moisture the last three days. Things are really soaked here and even flooding. But then, we aren’t a desert region so it is green here all of the time. The rain did cool things off!


  4. Rain is forecasted for this week — hopefully.


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