Capturing The Moment — Cooling In 106 Degree Temps   6 comments

Birds In Fountain Collage Framed blogOur patio fountain becomes a watering hole and bath for local birds. — Images by kenne


6 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Cooling In 106 Degree Temps

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  1. How nice of you to have the water flow for them. Pretty birds! Great images!


  2. Lucky the birds have a place to enjoy the water. I have been out there when it was 118 and it is hot, I don’t care if there is low humidity.


    • We moved here from Houston, TX. Today it”s suppose to be 102 in Houston, 113 in Tucson. Believe me, after over 25 years on the gulf coast, I like the dryer air. But, we all react differently to the would we live in. Maybe I’m still trying to dry out.


  3. u have beautiful pics and thoughts on this blog! I have enjoyed exploring it more!


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