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Cattle Watering Hole In Southern Arizona — Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later   Leave a comment

Cattle at Watering Hole-Edit-1-painting-blogCattle Watering Hole In Southern Arizona — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Once beautiful desert grassland,
Now destroyed by cattle raising 

On land unable to sustain 
The native desert environment

Draining the groundwater levels in a
World of “pay me now, or pay me later.”

— kenne


Otherside of Nowhere   1 comment

Windmill B&W blog-“Old Watering Hole” — Black & White Image by kenne


Still dusty and dry
the old place ain’t
what it used to be.

In the desert it’s hot
Thirsty for summer rains —
Yesterday was windy.

Vultures circle above
I turn away only to look back
Disappearing into clear air.

The mountains sweep up
As if floating a gray color
Over the old corral.

Soft breeze at mid-day
Vanes slowly turning
The noisy water pump.

A shadow network
Of the sunshine moves
Across dry sandy ground.

I cut down an agave stalk
To become my walking stick —
An old phase made real.

High on the ridge-side
I follow my own trail
To the otherside of nowhere.

— kenne

Life And Death Above The Watering Hole   3 comments

Willow Springs Ranch-8214-2 blog

Willow Springs Ranch-8217 blog

Willow Springs Ranch-8205-2 blogLife and Death Above The Watering Hole — Images by kenne

Hook ‘Em Cow

You read of fierce bulls in the stories and books,
But you don’t hear a heap ’bout an old cow that hooks.
A bull charges blind, but an old cow is wise.
She keeps her head shakin’ and opens her eyes.
Willow Springs Ranch-8206 blogIf you git to a post I have generally found
She runs right up to it and reaches around.

And yore biddin’ fer trouble as shore as yore born
If you git yore old belly mixed up with her horn.
You  have seen a cow scatter a whole brandin’ crew
When they drug a calf in and the cow follered too.
Think a cow boy caint run? Well you ain’t seen one sail
When a cow blows her nose on some waddy’s shirt tail.

Sometimes when you pull a cow out of a bog
She will charge with a rush like some salty brush hog.
If an old cow gits down cause she’s weak and she’s pore,
If you help git her up she will fight you jest shore.
If you judge by her actions toward hosses and men,
She’s by nature a heap like an old settin’ hen.

I’ll bet you was glad that you wasn’t too late
When you lit with yore belly across some old gate,
And an old cow hit right underneath with a crash.
Jest a little more and she’d settle yore hash.
You fell on across and was mad when you heered
How the rest of them ranahans hollered and cheered.

Yes cows is odd critters; it shore is plum strange.
The pet cows is gentle, but them on the range
Is a sp’ilin’ fer fight if they once git a skeer,
Or you make a calf bawl when the old cow can hear.
They’re onreasonable cusses I’ll tell you right now,
Fer you can’t explain much to a fightin’ old cow.

by Bruce Kiskaddon, From Rhymes of the Ranges and Other Poems, 1947


Capturing The Moment — Cooling In 106 Degree Temps   6 comments

Birds In Fountain Collage Framed blogOur patio fountain becomes a watering hole and bath for local birds. — Images by kenne


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