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Highway Politics In The South   1 comment

Political signs were a common sight on our August road trip, especially in Texas and the southeast.— Image by kenne

“You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun
is going to rise tomorrow. They know it’s going to rise tomorrow. When people are fanatically dedicated to political
or religious faiths or any other kinds of dogmas or goals, it’s always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt.”

— from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

Last Day In Short Pump — Mission Accomplished   4 comments

Cayden, Audrey, Joy, Robin, and Cayla (August 15, 2021) — Images by kenne

With the arrival of Robin late afternoon on the 15th, we were able to spend time with all the Morris grandchildren —
missioned accomplished! This image captured the shared pleasure of all, especially that of grandma, Joy.

Cayla practicing her new found skill of tying bows

Kenne and Cayla in Backyard — Image by Joy

While spending time with the Morris’s, we were able to spend most of our time outside. When we were inside, we wore masks.

Cayden and Cayla

Children of the pandemic

Very accepting

— kenne

Visiting Family In Short Pump, Virginia — Photo-Essay   Leave a comment

Images by kenne (August 13-14, 2021)
(Click on any of the images for a larger view in a slideshow format.)

We arrived in Short Pump in the late afternoon on August 13th, where we would spend the next three days with Jason and family. 

Short Pump is a suburb of Richmond, Virginia. The population was 24,729 at the 2010 census. 

This posting is the second of three that will be shared of our stay in Short Pump. 

Here’s a link to the first posting —

The older grandchildren will be part of the third in this series of three postings on our visit to Short Pump.

— kenne

Time With Grandchildren At Swimming Pool — A Photo Essay   2 comments

Images by kenne (August 14, 2021) — Click On Any Image To See In Slideshow Format.

After spending time driving and sightseeing in the southeast (as COVID-19 was spiking through the area)
we made it to Richmond, VA, where we spent time with family (Jason, April, Cayden, Cayla, Audrey, and Robin).
This was our first opportunity to spend time with
our new grandchildren Cayla and Cayden.

— kenne

Traveling I-10, Again   1 comment

Flowers & Photo On Table (1 of 1)-2 blog“The Dining Room Table,” A Still Life — Images by kenne

 In a little while we will be leaving Tucson, driving to San Bernardino to be with family as we celebrate the life of Virginia Chapman, Joy’s mother.

Since Virginia’s death, we have spent time reading Marie Howe’s powerful book of poems, “What the Living Do.” In a time of grief, her poems provide instruction for the living, one of which I share with those who follow this blog:

The Dream

I had a dream in the day:
I laid my father’s body down in a narrow boat

and sent him off along the riverbank with its cattails and grasses.
And the boat — it was made of bark and wood bent when it was wet — 

took him to his burial finally.
But a day or two later I realized it was my self I wanted

to lay down, hands crossed, eyes closed. . . .
Oh, the light coming up from down there,

the sweet smell of the water — and finally, the sense of being carried
by a current I could not name or change.

— Marie Howe

Virginia 2006-08-10-02 bloig

Virginia — Outer Banks 2013   1 comment

Don’t let the path you take close your mind.

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Virginia Chapman — Giving Love Without Having A Reason   5 comments

Virginia's 85th BirthdayVirginia Chapman On 85th Birthday (June, 2009) May she rest in peace! — Image by kenne

What made Virginia special

was understanding that love

is something you give

without having a reason —

maybe that’s what makes

some women so special.

— kenne

With Virginia’s passing, the family and friends will not be celebrating her 90th birthday this June, at least not as planned. In lieu of our not being able to share her 90th birthday celebration, I share a video of her 85th birthday party celebration. 

Virginia Chapman’s 85th Birthday Celebration, June, 2009


Capturing The Moment — Chincoteague Island Wild Pony Colt   5 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Virginia Eastern Shore Chincoteague Island Wild Pony Colt — Image by kenne

“Got a new little horse
he’s handy, stout, just barely tame
Doesn’t have a pedigree
just some sagebrush in his mane.”

— from Lesley Neuman’s “Poem”

Capturing The Moment — A Stroll On The Mall   6 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013A Stroll On The Mall — Image by kenne

Assateague Island National Seashore — Beach Sences   2 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Beach at Toms Cave on Assateague Island (6/9/13) — Images by kenne

Revisiting The Outer Banks Of North Carolina — To Make Soft . . .   Leave a comment


Beach along the Outer Banks of North Carolina (April 2008) — Images by kenne

April & Jason's Wedding  1493 Joy On The Beach blog

Joy braving the wind and cold temperatures.

To Make Soft . . .

words are nothing
feelings are everything
struggling to share feelings
placing petitions of desire
to the door of your heart
shut not the door
love will break the heart
scorn not what we do
looking for peace of mind
truth will set us free
explaining not what is real
to complicated to follow
knowing not our time to go
lifetime is no time at all

This is a poem I wrote five years ago when we were on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (April, 2008). In a few weeks we will return for another brief visit and in Virginia — hopeful the weather will be better.


A Sunday At The Farmers Market and The Elgin Wine Festival   1 comment

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This past weekend we had some of our family visiting. The day started off with a hike down along the Tanque Verde Wash, followed by walking through the St. Phillip’s Farmers Market, then a drive along scenic Hwy 83 to the Arizona wine country where we attended the Elgin Wine Festival.


The Happiest of Birthing Days and Birthdays   2 comments

It’s Virginia’s Birthing Day and Joy’s Birthday — Image by kenne

Today is your birthday.
A day we celebrate.

It was her third birthing day,
When you came into her life.

A day you both share,
But only she remembers.

She celebrates your special day
In a way, only she can feel.

Because of her singular feelings,
You will always be her Joy.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Gallery in the Sun   Leave a comment

Kenne, Virginia and Joy at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

It’s Party Time!   Leave a comment

Kenne & Virginia DSC_1365 Art blog

Five years ago, family and friends gathered to celebrate Virginia’s 80th birthday. Now, it’s time to gather again to celebrate. In two weeks the celebration is on!


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