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Virginia Chapman — Giving Love Without Having A Reason   5 comments

Virginia's 85th BirthdayVirginia Chapman On 85th Birthday (June, 2009) May she rest in peace! — Image by kenne

What made Virginia special

was understanding that love

is something you give

without having a reason —

maybe that’s what makes

some women so special.

— kenne

With Virginia’s passing, the family and friends will not be celebrating her 90th birthday this June, at least not as planned. In lieu of our not being able to share her 90th birthday celebration, I share a video of her 85th birthday party celebration. 

Virginia Chapman’s 85th Birthday Celebration, June, 2009


Virginia’s 85th Birthday Celebration   1 comment

Virginia's 85th Birthday  6991 - 2009-06-13 at 17-38-24 II blog

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends and additional relatives gathered the past June to express their individual and shared love of Virginia Chapman. This year Virginia entered the 85 years-plus age group, which represent 1.7% of the total population. In California, her new group is a little smaller, 1.4%.

This special woman did not become special just by entering this small, special population group. Virginia has been a special love one, for so many, all her eighty-five years. She generates a feeling of privilege in those who know her.

You can click here to see a photoset of the celebration on Flickr.

I hope to finish editing a video of the event soon.


Virginia's 85th Birthday  6988 - 2009-06-13 at 17-35-55 II Collage blog

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