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Capturing The Moment — Happy 90th, Don Fletcher   3 comments

Don's Birthday (1 of 1)-2 blogHAPPY BIRTHDAY to Fellow Monday Morning Miler, #90 — Image by Joy

After the hike on Mt. Lemmon this past Monday, some of us gathered for a picnic celebration for a very special person on th occasion of his 90th birthday. Don Fletcher is our hiking “poster child”, since we all would like to still be hiking on our 90th.

Hiking, staying active in general, is a good way to maintain dignity as mature humans, even though store clerks may have replaced “sir” with “sweetie” some time ago.



Just because I may 

Look old and weak

Don’t call me sweetie —

No “elderspeak” for me.

You may think

You’re being kind,

But it’s not

A good moment

When dignity

Is left behind.

— kenne

Virginia Chapman — Giving Love Without Having A Reason   5 comments

Virginia's 85th BirthdayVirginia Chapman On 85th Birthday (June, 2009) May she rest in peace! — Image by kenne

What made Virginia special

was understanding that love

is something you give

without having a reason —

maybe that’s what makes

some women so special.

— kenne

With Virginia’s passing, the family and friends will not be celebrating her 90th birthday this June, at least not as planned. In lieu of our not being able to share her 90th birthday celebration, I share a video of her 85th birthday party celebration. 

Virginia Chapman’s 85th Birthday Celebration, June, 2009


Dave Brubeck — 90th Birthday   Leave a comment

We have now been in Tucson for five months and not surprisingly still have some unpacked boxes in the garage. Some of those packed boxes contain LP albums, one of which comes to mind with tomorrow being Dave Brubeck’s 90th birthday. This milestone birthday was proceeded by another milestone last year, Brubeck’s seminal album Time Out, which is in one of those packed boxes. It was the likes of Brubeck, Erroll Garner, Oscar Peterson, and Ramsey Lewis that helped nurturer my love for jazz. The jazz world is privileged to still have this great man with us. Too bad Paul Desmond is not still with us. Not surprisingly, with such a milestone event, Brubeck is getting much coverage in the media. Here are two you may want to check out. NPR replays a 1999 Brubeck interview with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. And tomorrow, Turner Classic Movies will première In His Own Sweet Way, a documentary chronicling Brubeck’s life and music produced by Clint Eastwood as part of a daytime festival.



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