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The Perfect Trilogy — Blues, Beer, And Tits   Leave a comment

Gene @ Drafter'sLady Bikers at an Ice House in East Texas in a “Show Us Your Tits” Contest — Computer Art by kenne

The Perfect Trilogy

On a hot Sunday 
we ride a twisting
two-lane highway to
a Texas Ice House
Near Cut & Shoot
where the beer
and blues music
releases bikers
inner desires
listening to 
“My Baby Don’t
Wear No Panties”
fueled by women
showing their tits —
blues, beer, and tits,
the perfect trilogy.

— kenne


Boogie Down 10-7-07  320 blog framedWelcome Lady Rider — Image by kenne


A sign at the biker bar —

Welcome lady riders

You’re great for the show,

So, show us your tits.

  — kenne


The Sky Island Scenic Byway Revisited   3 comments

After posting the last blog enter, Capturing The Moment — Sky Island Scenic Byway, I stumbled upon a blog posting titled, 39 of the world’s most inspiring routes for road trips [PICs]. I have experienced some of the American scenic road trips, so I can appreciate they’re being on the list. If it wasn’t for the Catalina Highway (Sky Island Scenic Byway) being only about 25 miles, it could easily qualify for such a list. 

A some point in the future, I will do a photo project on our scenic highway up to Mt. Lemmon, till then I have pull a few photos to make my case. You will also note that road is a favorite of many area bikers.


The Catalina Highway curves through the eastern part of the Catalina Mountains

This view shows Rose Lake and to the upper left, the highway near Windy Vista Point, which offers a favorite view of the Tucson valley.

Many bikers descend down from Mt. Lemmon well above the posted 35 mph limit. If you look carefully in the upper left of the photo you can another segment of the highway. I had passed this couple coming down the mountain and as I had the camera pointing in their direction, she said, “Cheese!”

This image has bikers coming down, now back in the desert. Some of our summer monsoon rain ar falling south of the Tucson International Airport.

This image was taken about mid-day at the lower elevations of the highway, so the rider was getting a late start in upper 90’s temps. Most riders up in the early morning when the desert temps are much lower.

Images by kenne

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