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The Perfect Trilogy — Blues, Beer, And Tits   Leave a comment

Gene @ Drafter'sLady Bikers at an Ice House in East Texas in a “Show Us Your Tits” Contest — Computer Art by kenne

The Perfect Trilogy

On a hot Sunday 
we ride a twisting
two-lane highway to
a Texas Ice House
Near Cut & Shoot
where the beer
and blues music
releases bikers
inner desires
listening to 
“My Baby Don’t
Wear No Panties”
fueled by women
showing their tits —
blues, beer, and tits,
the perfect trilogy.

— kenne

TOGETHER   Leave a comment

Ocotillo (1 of 1) art 2 blog“Together” — Image by kenne


Time after time, I picture you,
Red lipstick, a touch of rough.

One drink of wine, wanting more,
What you’re suppose to.

Get down – walk on your lips,
See my guarantee.

Every night about this time,
Having a reason to live.

Once inside,
Thank you baby.

How sweet it is,
Looking for my Mojo,

Early in the morning,
About the break of day.

Red roster says,

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Past Shadows   5 comments

joy45sawmill-i-2008-2014Past Shadows — Image by kenne

When viewing an image,
whether a photograph,
painting or a moment,
what I see is mine
and mine alone.

The resulting image 
is a product
of my experiences,
filtered through the cloth
of my culture. 

It is also a reflection
of my relationships
and the drive
to connect with
the world around me.

Each image
is captured
in my memory,

which will serve
to influence future images.


When looking at you
You look at me watching you,
Each viewed differently.

Nights spent together
Now are only memories
Lying next to you.

Cameras record
So that we will not forget,
Lessening burdens.

— kenne


Boogie Down 10-7-07  320 blog framedWelcome Lady Rider — Image by kenne


A sign at the biker bar —

Welcome lady riders

You’re great for the show,

So, show us your tits.

  — kenne


Capturing The Moment — “Bareass” Image #9   Leave a comment

Bare Ass Framed blog“Bareass” — Image #9″ by kenne

“The more horrifying the world becomes, the more art becomes abstract.”
– Paul Klee

 Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature. I prefer to see with closed eyes.” 
– Josef Albers


View From The Box Camp Trail On Mt. Lemmon   4 comments

Box Camp Trail 06-28-13View of Tucson from the Box Camp Trail on Mt. Lemmon (Click here to see more hiking the Box Camp Trail photos.)  — Images by kenne

Box Springs Trail

The ground we walk on,
the plants and creatures,
the clouds above
constantly dissolving
into new formations –
each gift of nature
possessing its own
radiant energy,
bound together by
cosmic harmony.

— Ruth Bernhard

Mixed Up Spirits In The Moonlight . . . Still Singin’ Our Birthday Songs   Leave a comment

Joy@45Sawmill 2010 VIa warm blog“Lovin’ Those Mixed Up Spirits In The Moonlight” — Image by kenne

Mixed Up Spirits In The Moonlight

In all my years of working
I knew there was
more to life
than making money.
It was all about a
“love of life,”
of doing things
with and for others.

The more things I did,
the more I was pulled
in different directions
responsibilities and
desires —
being “mixed up”
was a way of life,
like a spirit in the night.

My experiences
became the ingredients
I gathered in
my love of life —
including the “wild times”
I may have pushed
into life’s backrooms,
and closed the doors.

music and poetry
have a way of
opening those doors
in the spirit in the night —

like Springsteen’s
“Spirit in the Night:”

“Me and Crazy Janey
was makin’ love
in the dirt singin’
our birthday songs.”

His words bring back
those feelings of
the fire once there.
“Crazy Janey” and her
“Mission Man,”

something right
out of the past —

“She felt so nice,
just as soft as a
spirit in the night (all night).”

. . .still singin’ our birthday songs —
mixed up, mixed up, all mixed up!


p.s. Being mixed up is good!
Plus, July is a birthday month for a my “crazy Janey” —
still singin’ as long as Bruce plays for us!

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