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Been Here Before — A Valentine Message   Leave a comment

joy45sawmill-i_blog-cohenAfternoon Delight — Image by kenne

I’ve been here before
known this place
walked this floor

lived here alone
before, I knew you.

You became my 
photographic muse
an afternoon delight
laying on a bed of red
shadows of natural light.

Blue, blue windows
opened to the sky
clouds move by
casting moments
to dream by.

Morning would come
roosters crowing
at the break of dawn
sheets still damp
moments to live by.

Imagine yesterday’s
times we’ve shared
becoming memories
fueling our tomorrows
filled with timeless love.

Now, everyone can see
you belong to me
knowing it’s so
hard to love, still
we share the look
of satisfaction.

— kenne
(With thanks to Leonard Cohn.)

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall — Selfie Or Self Portrait   Leave a comment

Self PortraitMirror, Mirror On The Wall — Image by kenne


Before the iPhone

and selfies,

there was the


Children drew stick-figures

of themselves,

and still do.

Artisits painted

reflected images

of themselves,

and still do.

The images of life

 we find most


are of ourselves —

mirror, mirror

on the wall . . .

Tell me your stories

of unknown pleasures

as seen in the eyes of others.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Shadow On The Beach I   1 comment

San Diego 01-15-13

“Shadow On The Beach I” — Image by kenne

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