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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall   Leave a comment

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall — Photo-Artistry by kenne

I saw her coming.
The version of myself I wanted to see,
I saw her in the corners of my eyes,
I felt her shouting at me from the future,
So loud I heard it through another dimension,
I felt her overwhelming confidence and
Clear sense of direction shaking the ground as I pass by her image
So much so that I forget about the past;
It melts away with her words, at her resurrection
As I make her come alive time after time,
My Alter Ego.
She lies within me and sometimes, if you look closely
You can see her within the cracks of my skin,
Beneath the fragments of my broken heart when,
Against all odds, I must find strength.

— from Alter Ego by Adrianna Franklin

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall — Selfie Or Self Portrait   Leave a comment

Self PortraitMirror, Mirror On The Wall — Image by kenne


Before the iPhone

and selfies,

there was the


Children drew stick-figures

of themselves,

and still do.

Artisits painted

reflected images

of themselves,

and still do.

The images of life

 we find most


are of ourselves —

mirror, mirror

on the wall . . .

Tell me your stories

of unknown pleasures

as seen in the eyes of others.

— kenne

Mirror Watching People   1 comment

Art Fest Mirrow  5912 II blogMirror Watching People – Image by kenne

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
You image my world with integrity
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Your integrity gives my existence validity


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