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I Capture The Present For Future Musing   Leave a comment

Hutches PoolHoney Bee On a Camphorweed Wildflower, Late Fall In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

I move closure to
Mastering the medium
With each photograph.

The camera’s eye
Reveals an uncharted world
Waiting to be launched.

Time is running out,
So I capture the present
For future musing.

— kenne

Been Here Before — A Valentine Message   Leave a comment

joy45sawmill-i_blog-cohenAfternoon Delight — Image by kenne

I’ve been here before
known this place
walked this floor

lived here alone
before, I knew you.

You became my 
photographic muse
an afternoon delight
laying on a bed of red
shadows of natural light.

Blue, blue windows
opened to the sky
clouds move by
casting moments
to dream by.

Morning would come
roosters crowing
at the break of dawn
sheets still damp
moments to live by.

Imagine yesterday’s
times we’ve shared
becoming memories
fueling our tomorrows
filled with timeless love.

Now, everyone can see
you belong to me
knowing it’s so
hard to love, still
we share the look
of satisfaction.

— kenne
(With thanks to Leonard Cohn.)

Yellow Rose Muse, Made For Soothing Thoughts   6 comments

Kemah_2015 05 03_0576-2 Yellow Rose blog IIYellow Rose Muse, Made for Soothing Thoughts — Image by kenne

“The greatest weapon against stress
is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

— William James

Queen Of Many Colors   3 comments

Joy@45Sawmill layers-Art blogComputer Art by kenne

I saw her to the south
a queen of many colors
on a bed of many riddles
young, yet slightly old
beneath her skin —
secrets in the shadows
from which revelation comes.

Who is this muse of revelation
when she passes through
the eye of the viewer?

— kenne


The Columbine Wildflower, My Mountain Muse II   1 comment

columbine (1 of 1) framed blogThe Columbine Wildflower, My Mountain Muse II

sometimes I whisper

to my mountain muse —

come to my place.

come tomorrow.

on the way home

I thought of her

the yellow strips,

the dividing line.

— kenne

Southern Magnolia Blossoms and My Whitman Muse   Leave a comment

Southern Magnolia Blossoms 2015 05 02_0441_edited-2 blogSouthern Magnolia Blossom, Kingwood, Texas — Image by kenne

The hot hazy sun
A southern magnolia
And bourbon whisky

I surrender now
As luring blossoms open
Breast cleavage softness

Afternoon delight
Gives rise to my Whitman muse

Literary trysts

— kenne

Just Playing Around   2 comments

Tucson Folk Festival 2013“Just Playing Around” — Image by kenne


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Dancing Water Muses   3 comments

Tucson Folk Festival 2013

ever festivalTucson Folk Festival 2013
has dancing muses

because that’s what they do —

I know, I was there
feeling the energy

creative energy 
the dancing muse

she appears
always colorful,
always free

not confined
to life’s rules

an expression of life
feelings of Duende

down the centuries
from the ancient muse,

we drink
the playful spirit

a perpetual thirst

plucking the chords
inside the soul

— kenne

Tucson Folk Festival 2013Images Captured At The Tucson Fold Festival by kenne


The Human Brain Wired   Leave a comment


Muse Album Cover — Source: Human Connectome Project

The rock group Muse has used an image of the human brain from the Human Connectome Project for their latest album. The Human Connectome Project is compiling  neural data, which is graphically navigated creating the opportunity to achieve never before realized conclusions about the living human brain.” Click here to see a gallery of brain images. 

One of the tunes from the new album, The 2nd Law, is “Unsustainable” — an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable.


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