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Southern White Magnolia and Texas Yellow Rose   Leave a comment

Flowers Still Life _2015 05 03_0477_edited-1White Magnolia and Yellow Rose — Image by kenne

southeast Texas,

where the

yellow rose of Texas

meets the

white southern magnolia —

a blind of



and a preponderance of


among the

beer drinkers

at the ice house —

“have you read any

Dostoyevsky lately?”

— kenne

Southern Magnolia Blossoms and My Whitman Muse   Leave a comment

Southern Magnolia Blossoms 2015 05 02_0441_edited-2 blogSouthern Magnolia Blossom, Kingwood, Texas — Image by kenne

The hot hazy sun
A southern magnolia
And bourbon whisky

I surrender now
As luring blossoms open
Breast cleavage softness

Afternoon delight
Gives rise to my Whitman muse

Literary trysts

— kenne

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