Dancing Water Muses   3 comments

Tucson Folk Festival 2013

ever festivalTucson Folk Festival 2013
has dancing muses

because that’s what they do —

I know, I was there
feeling the energy

creative energy 
the dancing muse

she appears
always colorful,
always free

not confined
to life’s rules

an expression of life
feelings of Duende

down the centuries
from the ancient muse,

we drink
the playful spirit

a perpetual thirst

plucking the chords
inside the soul

— kenne

Tucson Folk Festival 2013Images Captured At The Tucson Fold Festival by kenne


3 responses to “Dancing Water Muses

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  1. Lovely playful ladies add so much to our lives !! Thx for sharing ! 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing a link to my post. The photographs exude joy. 😀


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