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Moss Sporophytes Dance   2 comments

Bear Wallow (1 of 1)-16_edit blogMoss Sporophytes On A Log In A Mountain Forest — Image by kenne

moss sporophytes dance

alternating phases in

terrestrial life

— kenne


Red, Hot 4th of July Blues   Leave a comment

Red Hot Blues DSC_0696 blog“Red, Hot & Blues” — Image by kenne

Those red, hot and blues
Make me wanna drink and dance
To the morning light.


Dancing Water Muses   3 comments

Tucson Folk Festival 2013

ever festivalTucson Folk Festival 2013
has dancing muses

because that’s what they do —

I know, I was there
feeling the energy

creative energy 
the dancing muse

she appears
always colorful,
always free

not confined
to life’s rules

an expression of life
feelings of Duende

down the centuries
from the ancient muse,

we drink
the playful spirit

a perpetual thirst

plucking the chords
inside the soul

— kenne

Tucson Folk Festival 2013Images Captured At The Tucson Fold Festival by kenne


Capturing The Moment — Fairy Duster and Bee   7 comments

Esperero Trail Wildflowers Spring 2013

Fairy Duster Wildflower and Visiting Bee — Image by kenne

The fairy duster
loves to dance

moving to the beat
of the breeze

she attracts
dancing partners —
passing bees.


Dance With The Wind   2 comments

“Dance With The Wind” — Image by kenne

Dance with the Wind

I can’t remember the first time I was asked,
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
I do remember it was not the last,
each time dancing out whom I wanted to be.

Projecting an image,
more than motion,
more than a reflex,
it was a feeling
transformed in the act.

In my freedom of expression,
adults around me loved the movement,
reflecting an awareness of where I was,
often lost in their youth.

With age,
answering the question became more difficult,
movement losing feeling
as I went through the motions,
coming under the influence of a fashion,
unaware of the freedom
evoked by experiencing the feeling.

By way of schooling,
I learned the programmed dance steps.
The more I practiced the steps,
the better I dealt with the known,
ignorant of conventional limitations
being placed in the unknown.

Still, going through the motions
was not without the sound
of Mother’s words,
“always be yourself,”
playing in the background.
The music of these caring words
handing me a string to the kite of life,
without which I would not be able
to dance with the wind.

By hanging on to her lifeline,
I learned the wind was my friend,
forming a rhythm alliance,
enhancing my feeling for the dance.

Each step taping to the music,
dancing in the wonder of life,
gliding in the midst of reality,
the dance always being new,

— kenne

(A draft of this poem was first written December 2000.)

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