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Pelican-0984 Shoreline blogShoreline — Image by kenne

Sea-Bird! haunter of the wave,
Happy o’er its crest to hover;
Half-engulph’d where yawns the cave
Billows form in rolling over.

Sea-bird! seeker of the storm,
In its shriek thou dost rejoice;
Sending from thy bosom warm,
Answer shriller than its voice.

Bird of nervous wing and bright,
Flashing silvery to the sun,
Sporting with the sea-foam white,
When will thy wild course be done?

— from The Sea-Bird by Anna Maria Wells


Capturing The Moment — “Martha, You’re Not Going To Believe This!”   5 comments

San Diego 01-15-13

“Martha, You’re Not Going To Believe This!” — Image by kenne (It was cold for San Diego!)


Shoreline North Of San Diego, California   6 comments

San Diego 01-15-13San Diego Coast — Images by kenne

Last week we drove from Oceanside to San Diego along the coastal highway. It was cool, in the 40’s, but a beautiful clear day.


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