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Push Ridge Wilderness — Black & White Photograph   2 comments

Shadows in the Woods-8545-2 blogBlack & White Image by kenne

Summer monsoon sky
Cast shadows over Push Ridge
Mountain wilderness.

— kenne

Looking for Sonoran Toads in Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Above the Dam-2971 blogThe monsoon rains bring new life to the Sonoran Desert. This past week has experienced some very good rain fall, especially in the mountains. The start of the monsoon season brings out the Sonoran toads, but they breed in water, and even with the recent rains we have had several months of no rain and Sabino Creek remains dry. The above photo was taken this morning, but based on sighting a few miles up the creek, there maybe water flowing over the dam by night fall.

Sonoran Toads-2964 blogDown from the dam, there are few pools of water that Jeanne, Dan and I explored this morning and found some toads. The mating season will last only a few days, so with more rain expected today and tomorrow, and with water coming down the creek, the toads will probably be very active the next couple of days.

— kenne

Images by kenne


Monsoon Sunset   Leave a comment

Monsoon Sunset-3409-2 blogSunset After the First Monsoon Rains (July 10, 2017)– iPhone Panorama by kenne


DirecTV Image During Tucson’s Monsoon Season   1 comment

DirecTV & Rain (1 of 1) blogDirecTV Image During Tucson’s Monsoon Season — Image by kenne

. . . sigh.

The Sonoran Desert Monsoon Has Arrived   Leave a comment

Monsoon Tucson 2016 (1 of 1)-8 blogLate Afternoon Storms Over the Santa Catalina Mountains (June 26, 2016) — Image by kenne

It Smells Like Rain Today!

Storms Over The Santa Catalina Mountains   6 comments

Storms Over The Santa Catalina Mountains North of Tucson, Arizona — Image by kenne

Monsoon Rains Fill The Desert Washes And Rivers   3 comments

Tanque Verde Wash — Images by kenne

The monsoon has been pretty active the last few days, as a result the desert washes and rivers now have water in them — a brief experience in the desert southwest. Our community of Tanuri Ridge is located on the north side of the Tanque Verde wash, normally very dry, but not the last couple of days. There are trails along the wash where people walk and ride horses. This morning I went walking along the wash, which had some water. After afternoon rains I went back down to the wash with my camera and took the above photos (August 19, 2014). 




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