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Blackberry Season In East Texas — Photo Essay   Leave a comment

Blackberry Season In East Texas — Photo Essay by kenne

A walk in East Park

Thick woods where the swamp drains

Into the river.

— kenne

A Christmas Eve Walk In The Woods   Leave a comment

This Christmas Eve was sunny and warm in Kingwood, Texas and as I have done in past visits, I went for a photographic walk in nearby East End Park. It’s just what I do.

“I wish to know an entire heaven and an entire earth.”

— Henry David Thoreau

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“There is no point in hurrying because you are not actually going anywhere. However far or long you plod, you are always in the same place: in the woods. It’s where you were yesterday, where you will be tomorrow. The woods is one boundless singularity. Every bend in the path presents a prospect indistinguishable from every other, every glimpse into the trees the same tangled mass. For all you know, your route could describe a very large, pointless circle. In a way, it would hardly matter.”

― Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail


Swamp — A Thief In The Gloaming   1 comment

Swamp (1 of 1) blogSwamp — Image by kenne

It comes like the thief in the gloaming;

      It comes, and none may foretell

The place of the coming—the glaring;

      They live in a sleepless spell

That wizens, and withers, and whitens;

      It ages the young, and the bloom

Of the maiden is ashes of roses—

      The Swamp Angel broods in his gloom.

— from The Swamp Angel by Herman Melville 

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