Capturing the Moment — Reflections   2 comments

Reflections by Lee Teter — Source: Vietnam Reflections

On this Memorial Day, many honor those who have died in service of our country. All of us have our own way of reflecting; some by introspective thoughts, some by gathering with families of those who have served, some by participating in Memorial Day activities and some by using those who have served in their self-serving political rhetoric.

Still, others use their innermost feeling to paint the pictures of memories — isn’t that what it’s all about? We all have these memory pictures, and a few can paint them. That’s the way Lee Teter approached painting what became Reflections. He wanted to paint an image that would show the pictures not seen on cemetery gravestones. For Lee, “Reflections is about love transcending death in a way that someday will be a reality and not just memory.”

Lee says, “There are two worlds; a real one made by God as a gift to those He loves, and a world of lies and deception made by men. I find wonder in the one, and I hide from the other. I don’t know any other way to keep my heart intact.” For an artist who “paints by feel,” keeping his own heart is an important thing. In the end, the story of the painting is the story of the artist. Quietly, unobtrusively, they make their way through the world.


2 responses to “Capturing the Moment — Reflections

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