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Build This Wall   3 comments

A Teeshirt Found On Twitter

The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state.
That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.

— Justice Hugo Black

Last Chance . . . Can You Believe This?   6 comments

. . . Yes!


Source: Non Sequitur

Art Is Pop And Pop Is Art   1 comment

k & j

Cheers  From Mooney’s Irish Pub, Sedona, ArizonaSedona

HWY 179, Sedona, Arizona — iPhone Images by kenne

Social media compresses

the moment,

what is captured

in the moment

is now past

and the future,

already having

been on Facebook

and Twitter — 

art becoming pop

and pop becoming art,

the moment is no longer

in the present,

delegated to the past

and the future,

becoming art.


Capturing The Moment Becomes Sharing The Moment   10 comments

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona — Image by kenne

In the age of social media,

capturing the moment

allows the parallel universes

of past,

present, and


to coexist 

in the moment.

This iPhone image

of Cathedral Rock

was sent via


Twitter and

StumbleUpon —

Capturing the moment

has become

sharing the moment.


Who Uses Social Media? Informative Infographic   1 comment

As an active social media user, I find this infographic very informative. Even though we may think that the use of social media is a youth thing, almost 50% of the users are over 45 years of age — interesting!


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As an important touch, you can stay logged in to multiple services. This means you can stay logged in to Facebook for convenience, but still leave a comment through Twitter or your account. Just click whichever identity you’d like to use, and the selected one will be associated with your comment when it is published. You’re in control of your identity, as you should be.

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Blogging in an Era of Facebook and Twitter   Leave a comment

As a blogger, this has been an interesting year, since I have also become an active Facebook and Twitter participant. Not new to either, I have organized my time to allow entries on both without too much of a lose to my blog site. Even so, there are some things that I share on them that I haven’t shared on my blog — usually it’s more the other way. Here’s a taste of some recent Facebook entries:

Kenne G. Turner . . . if you are alive, you have probably seen a list of those gone in 2009. Shaun Mullen has compiled a good list.
I have always thought of Christmas time as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their …

Kenne G. Turner . . . What should we feel today on this new morning?

This season, Christmas is the pivot of time, when the sun comes to its solstice and we come, too, to a place where our hearts can rest.

Kenne G. Turner . . . all sinners in Heaven.

I was shocked, confused, bewildered As I entered Heaven’s door, Not by the beauty of it all, …

Kenne G. Turner . . . oh my God, is this ever me! “Wrap Rage!” I’m surprised I haven’t hurt myself by now.

Larry David confronts impossible to open packaging, even managing to draw a spark off the kitchen counter with his knife.

Kenne G. Turner . . . did you know that Juarez, Mexico had a higher murder rate that Bagdad. It’s far past time to reconsider our “drug war” effort. This is another war we are losing! Think about it!
The murder rate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has become the highest in the world. There were an average of seven killings every day for the past twelve months in the city, which is currently in the midst of a clash between two powerful drug cartels.

Kenne G. Turner . . . a true American hero passed away today. May he rest in peace! THE ONLY FIGHT HE EVER LOST — CANCER!

CBS Evening News: Unsung War Hero Gets Recognition – CBS Evening News: Vietnam War Soldier Shares Remarkable Story On Medal Of Honor Day

Kenne G. Turner . . . fiction, but sometimes there is more truth in fiction than in reality.

For those who think Christmas mass has gotten a little stale, leave it to little girl Melissa Bell to spice things up.

Kenne G. Turner . . . on a personal note, it was one year ago that we put down our 17 year-old cat, Kiko. We now have another great cat, Kika, (another mixed-siamese) a mature stray we were lucky to get from the shelter. The link is from my blog posting one year ago.
In May of 1992, Katie and David gave us Kiko, a half-breed Siamese and Himalayan, but mostly Siamese in personality. For sixteen years, eight months, we were his equal, sharing his life and his home. …

Kenne G. Turner . . . just put this on Twitter – thought some of my Facebook friends might find this article interesting.

Research Edge technology analysts lay out next year. Bet on clouds and M&A.

Kenne G. Turner . . . here’s and interesting article on the future of the book. Read on. . .

horseless carriage 1886Take a long hard look at a book, any book. Pull a favorite off a shelf, dust off the top–maybe it’s the Bible, the Koran, a novel by Jane Austen or Leo Tolstoy. Perhaps you’re more …

Kenne G. Turner . . . nice to be leaving the 00’s.
Though it ended badly for some (i.e., Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and the U.S. taxpayer), the first decade of the new millennium ushered in a new Gilded Age on Wall Street. The last 10 years saw the …

Kenne G. Turner . . . fyi.
Two dozen economists -including Nobel laureates hailing everywhere from Harvard University to the University of California, Berkeley to The Brookings Institution -wrote a letter Monday to Senator Harry …

Kenne G. Turner . . . this is my kind of cat!

“Move – Get Out The Way!” Roomba Driver cat Bitch Slaps a Dog pit bull Sharky My funny cat Max-Arthur and pit bull Sharky. This was so funny – I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you need help cleaning floors!!! …
Kenne G. Turner Did a little shopping today — big sales! — but didn’t commit to anything. (Joy’s reply, “So what’s new!!”) Other than that, I have been thinking about next year’s markets, upcoming trips, and prepping my taxes. What are y’all thinking about? What are you reading, watching, listening to? What do you expect to see next …year? What are you hoping to get for the holidays ? Yes, its that time — open thread! ~ What say ye?

Kenne G. Turner . . . a health care discussion well worth viewing.

When President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, he had no shortage of challenges to address: an economy on the verge of complete meltdown, two wars, and a health care system so broken that 44,000 …

Kenne G. Turner . . . many of my friends seem to be into surveys. Here’s a link that will help you better understand your own morality, values and/or ethics.

Welcome to, where you can learn about your own morality, ethics, and/or values, while also contributing to scientific research. We are a group of professors and graduate students in social …

Kenne G. Turner . . . it’s time to give in to blackmail and pass the health care bill.

The current health care bill falls a long way short of ideal, but it is better than anything that seemed possible just a few years ago.

Kenne G. Turner . . . if it wasn’t for these guys, our politians would be out of business.

This give me the chills….if you ever see someone in military uniform, please thank them for their service!!

Kenne G. Turner . . . sad, but true.
Check out this new video using sock puppets–yes, sock puppets–to show how Joe Lieberman is gutting health care reform.

Kenne G. Turner . . . funnnnnny!

Jon Stewart took on the most recent Tea Party protests last night. And while much as been made of the crowd itself, Stewart was quick to point out that the speakers were just as over-the-top as the rowdy masses.

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Social Media Can Help Your Organiization, Group, Club   Leave a comment


Medusa, by Caravaggio

To Twitt or Not Twitt, That is The Question

Everyday I ask people to become “friends,” “follow-me,” etc, resulting in, “Why?”

One of the groups I belong to is a book club, The Society of The 5th Cave, and now we are Twittering — well, some of us are. Since we are mostly older generation guys, it’s not easy to Twitt just because one of us puts 5thCave on Twitter.

Today I received another one of those “Why?” questions. What following is my response:

Good question. Here are some reasons why you need Twitter:

1.    Easily link with people sharing common interests i.e., reading, book clubs, etc.
2.    Quickly share club information and history.
3.    Have interactive dialog on books selections.
4.    Others can follow the 5thCave and learn about our reading list and reviews.
5.    The social media group provides an element of trust because of our knowledge of one another.
6.    Provide avenues for choosing to link (follow) other like minded people.
7.    The are many other reasons for using Twitter, i.e.:
•    Identify potential clients, news sources, leads, etc
•    Find a job
•    Build brand awareness
•    Make money
•    To get news and information
•    Drive viewers to blog or website

. . .but may not apply to 5thCave.

To be a part of the Twitter 5thCave, one needs to register on and start following 5thCave.

Twitter is just one of many social media sites that allow people to network, which is fundamental to being human, but make use of technology to network.

The real negative of Twitter is you will need to check your site, which will contain postings on 5thCave if you are following 5thCave. What shows up on your site are the posting of those you are following — so the choices are all yours.

Hope this is helpful.

I would like to hear your comments on why you use social media.


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