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Cathedral Rock — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Cathedral Rock is a natural sandstone butte on the Sedona skyline
and one of the most-photographed sights in Arizona. — Source: Wikipedia

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Blackett's Ridge-9876 Cathedral Rock-72Cathedral Rock Panorama by kenne

Suffering occurs when we want
other people to love us in the way
that we imagine we want to be loved,
and not in the way that love should manifest itself
— free and untrammeled,
guiding us with its force and driving us on.

— Paulo Coelho

Cathedral Rock Viewed from Blackett’s Ridge   1 comment

Blackett's Ridge-9876-Cathedral Rock-72Cathedral Rock Viewed from Blackett’s Ridge — Panorama by kenne

soft the sky


and softly


soft the drop


gently down

and soft my foot


soft the ground

and down the ground


gently down

— Hugh Prather

Magritte Clouds Over Cathedral Rock   1 comment

blacketts-ridge-9876-cathedral-rock-blogCathedral Rock in the Santa Catalina Mountains

Cathedral Rock blogCathedral Rock in the Sedona Verde Valley

In a Magritte sky
clouds formed
from the smoke
of a stemmed pipe
one sunkissed on
Catalina peaks
the other an
Upflow Vortex
each a cathedral rock
named in history
remaining covered
invoking mystery
concealing nothing.

— kenne

“We are surrounded by curtains. 
We only perceive the world 
behind a curtain of semblance. 
At the same time, 
an object needs to be covered 
in order to be recognized at all.”

– René Magritte

Sycamore Canyon Trail   1 comment

Sycamore Canyon Panorma IMG_3198 blogSycamore Canyon Panorama — Image by kenneSycamore Canyon-_Art III blogSycamore Canyon Trail — Computer Painting by kenne

Yesterday’s (April 28, 2017) hike from the Gordon Hirabayashi Campgrounds (4,880′ elevation) to the Sycamore Reservoir was the last SCVN Friday hike on our Spring schedule. Eleven people, including three guides, took #39 trail out of the campgrounds to the Sycamore Reservoir, a somewhat out of the way riparian area in the Sycamore Canyon in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. The trail is 3.25 miles one way with an accumulated gain of 821 feet. The trail is also a segment of the Arizona Trail, providing majestic views, including Thimble Pear and Cathedral Rock.

This is one of my favorite hikes at the mid-level elevation of the Santa Catalina Mountains, so I was pleased to be the lead guide for the eleven hikers, which included three women from Germany.

The SCVN guided hikes will start again in June on Mt. Lemmon.


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the Upper Box Camp Trail In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the images to see a larger view in a slideshow format.)

This past Friday the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) led hike was down the Box Camp trail for about 2 1/2 miles and back. This trail is one of several connecting trails leading down to the base of Sabino Canyon, and before the highway up to Summerhaven, was the main supply trail to Mt. Lemmon. The Box Camp trailhead is in a thick ponderosa forest at 8,000 feet and our planned hike took us down to a more open oak woodland area providing beautiful vistas of the Tucson basin. Later the fall, some of us are planning to hike the Box Camp trail and connecting trails to the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center (approximately 14 miles).


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Blackett's Ridge-9876 Cathedral Rock blogCathedral Rock In The Clouds — Image by kenne

A Magritte sky

smoke from a

stemmed pipe

morning sun


catalina peaks

cathedral rock

remaining covered

invoking mystery

concealing nothing.

— kenne

“We are surrounded by curtains.
We only perceive the world
behind a curtain of semblance.
At the same time,
an object needs to be covered
in order to be recognized at all.”

–René Magritte

Cardiac Gap In Esperero Canyon   2 comments

Cardiac Gap photo 2 blogFellow Hikers At Cardiac Gap in Esperero Canyon (January 23, 2014) — iPhone image

Yesterday, Bill Kaufman and I shared the lead hiking the Esperero Trail to “Cardiac Gap” with 22 hikers, which is a seven mile difficult hike with an elevation gain of 1200+ feet.

A couple of weeks back, Bill was dealing with some medical issues, so he asked me to take his place as the lead. By the time of the hike, Bill was better, so we agreed he would lead about 2/3’s of the way, leaving the last third of switchbacks up to Cardiac Gap. Although the temperature was in the 50’s the humidity was higher than normal for the desert. After you climb to the gap, I was sweating — note the drop of sweat on the end of my nose in the above picture.

The view from Cardiac Gap, even on a cloudy day, always makes the climb worth it, where you look down through the deep  Esperero Canyon, with Tucson in the distance. The view is framed by a grassy area around the upper edge of the canyon, called Geronimo Meadows. 

Each time I have hiked the Esperero Trail to the gap, I have talked about going on for an additional 2.5+ miles and up another 1,500 feet to Bridal Veil Falls, but so far it has only been talk.

Even more challenging would be to take on another three miles, the most difficult part of the Esperero trail, up to the summit, Cathedral Rock. I’m told that this part of the trail is in very poor conditions and would involve some bush wacking. The out and back hike would be over 16 miles with an elevation change of 6,000 — now I have to find someone willing to hike it with me.


Esperero Trail Top_Panorama2 blogCardiac Canyon (January 13, 2012) Image by kenne

Hiking The Cathedral Rock Trail In Sedona, Arizona   7 comments

Sedona & Talking Stick Resort

Sedona & Talking Stick Resort

Sedona, Arizona has many famous rock formations and one of the most photographed is Cathedral Rock. Carved from the Permian Schnebly Hill formation, a redbed sandstone formed from coastal sand dunes near the shoreline of the ancient Pedregosa Sea. The trail is short (1 1/2 miles one-way), but very steep up to the saddle. I had to turn back due to an ongoing “charley horse” problem, but spent time on flatter trails in the area.


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Sedona & Talking Stick ResortCathedral Rock Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment Becomes Sharing The Moment   10 comments

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona — Image by kenne

In the age of social media,

capturing the moment

allows the parallel universes

of past,

present, and


to coexist 

in the moment.

This iPhone image

of Cathedral Rock

was sent via


Twitter and

StumbleUpon —

Capturing the moment

has become

sharing the moment.


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