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Bighorn Fire Air Assault Photos   1 comment

Bighorn Air Assult-72

Bighorn Air Assult-1-72Bighorn Fire Air Assault Photos by kenne

Trying to get photos of the Bighorn Fire air assault from my patio in the eastern Catalina Foothills is not an easy trick. I’m licking a good location and the lens needed to do justice to the challenge.

Sharing these two images is meant so I can direct you to some photos taken by my good friend, Ned Harris. Here’s a link to his Flickr account:

When it comes to aerial photos, he is among the best. Enjoy!

— kenne


Magritte Clouds Over Cathedral Rock   1 comment

blacketts-ridge-9876-cathedral-rock-blogCathedral Rock in the Santa Catalina Mountains

Cathedral Rock blogCathedral Rock in the Sedona Verde Valley

In a Magritte sky
clouds formed
from the smoke
of a stemmed pipe
one sunkissed on
Catalina peaks
the other an
Upflow Vortex
each a cathedral rock
named in history
remaining covered
invoking mystery
concealing nothing.

— kenne

“We are surrounded by curtains. 
We only perceive the world 
behind a curtain of semblance. 
At the same time, 
an object needs to be covered 
in order to be recognized at all.”

– René Magritte

Catalina Margritte   1 comment

Clouds over the Catalinas (1 of 1) Magritte blogCatalina Margritte — Image by kenne

“Only thought can resemble.
It resembles by being what it sees, hears, or knows;
it becomes what the world offers it.”

— René Magritte

Released silhouettes

flow incessantly like water,

flow between mountains

swiftly like a kaleidoscope.

The solitude of  the North Pole

bustles with human silhouettes.

Endless transmission of  ABC.

On the shredded shore

a silk hat burns

like a mirror trick,

like a human echo

burns a silk hat endlessly.

Then the flames

were received like ABC.

On the night of a beautiful lunar eclipse

the silhouettes smiled.

— René Magritte by Shuzo Takiguchi
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