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The Greening of Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Esperero Trail in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Near-record monsoon rains have turned Sabino Canyon into a desert oasis.

Sabino Creek Dam — HDR Image by kenne

Lacepod Mustard   Leave a comment

Lacepod Mustard — Image by kenne

Lacepod Mustard is a common species found throughout Arizona in various habitats below 4,000 feet. 

It has a distinctive rounded or oval-shaped fruit with small perforations around its perimeter. 

The plant is rather drab-looking and inconspicuous, but the distinctive rounded fruits are most exciting and

appealing. I captured this image along the Esperero Trail in Sabino Canyon, April 2013.

— kenne

Wildflowers On Esperero Trail   Leave a comment

Esperero Trail Wildflowers In Sabino Canyon (Spring 2013) — Image by kenne

What lies in the heart

of a hiker is that a

spiritual landscape exists

within the visual landscape

something fleeting in the land,

a moment when shape, color,

and movement intensify

revealing something sacred

leading to another level of reality.

— kenne

Esperaro Trail   Leave a comment

Esperero Trail In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

— Albert Einstein

Ed Rawl — A Celebration of Life   7 comments

Aspen Loop To Wilderness RocksEd Rawl On Wilderness Rocks Trail (June 29, 2012) — Image by kenne

On the morning of May 9, 2020 (6:00 am), we gathered with Ed’s brother, Rick, in the overflow parking lot for entrance into Sabino Canyon to celebrate Ed’s life. Ed died from a stroke on April 18, 2020. The is the third of three postings on Ed’s death:

He had requested that his ashes be spread at a location where one could see both the sunrise and sunset. Because of the pandemic, the main entrance and services in Sabino Canyon were closed, which is why the event was scheduled to begin in the Sabino Canyon overflow parking lot.

After a few words from Rick, a group of about 20 hiked a short distance to a perfect location on the Esperero Trail. Several in the group shared their experiences with and love for Ed.

This video is meant to capture the essence of the celebration without making the video too long. Like his friends, Ed loved nature. It is therefore fitting that the point his ashes were being spread, a rabbit came into the picture, sitting there watching the ceremony.

— kenne

Video by kenne (May 10, 2020)

Esperero Trail In Sabino Canyon   1 comment

Esperero Trail in Sabino Canyon-72Esperero Trail In Sabino Canyon — Panorama by kenne

We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

— T. S. Eliot

Esperero Trail In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Esperero Trail In Sabino CanyonEsperero Trail In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

We shall not cease from exploration,
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.

— T.S. Eliot


Sabino Canyon Esperero Trail   1 comment

Sabino Canyon Esperero Trail Panorama blogSabino Canyon Esperero Trail — Panorama by kenne

I walked the trail
passing clouds
cast their shadows
of dark gray
on the mountains.
All morning I pondered
the thought of a poem
I may never write
of this moment
missing the words
like the spring wildflowers
that never bloomed,
the land is bare
birds having migrated
south to Mexico.

— kenne

Hiking Into Dark Clouds   Leave a comment

clouds-ahead-0660-blog-iiSCVN Friday Hike on Esperero Trail (February 17, 2017) — Image by kenne

A mostly cloudy morning with
sunlight breaking through
over the Tucson basin as we
begin our hike into the mountains
heading into rattlesnake canyon,
first hiking up, then down through
three canyons creating a 
breathtaking rollercoaster hike.

Starting as on group, the pace
soon divides us into three groups
as hikers settle in on their own pace
created by elevation changes
and stopping to shed layers of clothing
as the temperatures increase
and the sun begins to break through
deep blue cracks in the desert sky.

— kenne


Cairns On Trail To Cardiac Gap   2 comments

Cardiact Gap (1 of 1)-2 blogCairn (on the right) On Trail To Cardiac Gap — Image by kenne

Some mountain trails are obscured

as the trail is less traveled.

Some hikers are good at

tracking the trail less traveled,

while others lose direction

unless there are cairns

hiking up the mountain with you.

— kenne

Sabino Canyon Brings Joy To ASHA Members From Around The Country   1 comment

ASHA Group (1 of 1) blog framedMembers of American Senior Housing Association with SCVN Guides Dan (Dusty) Granger and Ed Rawl (November 7, 2014) — Image by kenne

Images by kenne (Click on any of the tiled images for larger view in a slideshow format.)

This past week executives belonging to the American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) attended a conference at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson. An arrangement was made months ago for members interested in hiking in Sabino Canyon to be shuttled the short distance from the resort to the canyon. Thirty members spent approximately 2 1/2 hours hiking led by Dan Granger, Ed Rawl, and myself. We divided into three hiking groups, one a less demanding hike led by Dan and two more difficult hikes led by Ed and me. The demanding hikes were four miles, combining several trails (Esperero, Rattlesnake, Phoneline Link, Phoneline, and Bear Canyon trails) looping into the canyon with an elevation change of 600 feet. Ed’s group went counterclockwise, and my group went clockwise around the designed loop. Meanwhile, Dan took those interested in a less demanding hike on trails the lower Sabino Canyon.

ASHA provides leadership for the seniors housing industry on legislative and regulatory matters, advances research, education, and the exchange of strategic business information, and promotes the merits of seniors housing. Located in Washington, DC, the membership represents businesses in North America, and for most, this was a perfect time to be in sunny Tucson. We did our best to add to their brief time in the Sonoran Desert.

— kenne

Tucson, Arizona Panorama   Leave a comment

Tucson from Esperero Canyon blogView from Above Esperero Canyon In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

Cardiac Gap In Esperero Canyon   2 comments

Cardiac Gap photo 2 blogFellow Hikers At Cardiac Gap in Esperero Canyon (January 23, 2014) — iPhone image

Yesterday, Bill Kaufman and I shared the lead hiking the Esperero Trail to “Cardiac Gap” with 22 hikers, which is a seven mile difficult hike with an elevation gain of 1200+ feet.

A couple of weeks back, Bill was dealing with some medical issues, so he asked me to take his place as the lead. By the time of the hike, Bill was better, so we agreed he would lead about 2/3’s of the way, leaving the last third of switchbacks up to Cardiac Gap. Although the temperature was in the 50’s the humidity was higher than normal for the desert. After you climb to the gap, I was sweating — note the drop of sweat on the end of my nose in the above picture.

The view from Cardiac Gap, even on a cloudy day, always makes the climb worth it, where you look down through the deep  Esperero Canyon, with Tucson in the distance. The view is framed by a grassy area around the upper edge of the canyon, called Geronimo Meadows. 

Each time I have hiked the Esperero Trail to the gap, I have talked about going on for an additional 2.5+ miles and up another 1,500 feet to Bridal Veil Falls, but so far it has only been talk.

Even more challenging would be to take on another three miles, the most difficult part of the Esperero trail, up to the summit, Cathedral Rock. I’m told that this part of the trail is in very poor conditions and would involve some bush wacking. The out and back hike would be over 16 miles with an elevation change of 6,000 — now I have to find someone willing to hike it with me.


Esperero Trail Top_Panorama2 blogCardiac Canyon (January 13, 2012) Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon — Panorama View From Above Rattlesnake Creek   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon View From Above Rattlesnake Creek_Panorama2 framed blog

Sabino Canyon – View from Above Rattlesnake Creek — Image by kenne

Desert Flower II   Leave a comment

Esperero Trail Wildflowers Spring 2013Desert Flower II — Image by kenne

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